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My wallpaper is yellow too!!!!!!!

Wow this story had me a little enraged about how people treated people with mental illness but this is not what I’m talking about. The Yellow Wallpaper is my favorite reading so far because it shows so much detail into the world that they live in,  they treat the main character Charlotte Perkins like a child you just needs to be preoccupied with activities normal of a woman in society. This is very sexist and this pisses me off throughout the paper. I couldn’t imagine being in a situation like this without going off, but then again it would never happen so i have to say the state she is in is tragic. She never got to truly express how she felt and went insane in the process, she imagined a symbolic representation of woman having to hide the their inner feelings and desires.But to her husband she is just some dimwitted woman who couldn’t function without his guiding hand. He is very insensitive to her feelings and very condescending  towards her.

Response to Girl

In the reading “Girl” there is not much back and forth between the person talking and the person being talked to. It seems to me like it would be from an older female to a younger female about how to be a girl in their culture/society.  I guess it is trying to show the complexity of growing up as a female in a society with high expectations socially with little benefit or respect. During the the end of the paper i started to realize how many women have to deal with in terms of just being acceptable in the eyes of others. But it also shows you that the attitude of most people pushing misogynistic views are also the same people who are oppressed by it, kinda like a house slave but the house slave of society it in a way.  This also more of an older generation forcing people to live under the faults of the a culture/society without ever thinking how we can improve on making it better for everybody.

Welcome to my world

Well i’m just another guy from the Bronx, i from time to time just binge watch shows on Netflix play video games and eat food. This has caused me to gain weight….like 20 pounds!!!!! To solve this problem i will have to to go to gym just to burn of all this excess fat. But I’m way too lazy to maintain a proper workout schedule. I had a really great internship at NYPA (New York Power Authority) for the summer doing I.T. full time!!!!! It was amazing i met people i will definitely going to see again and chill with and the staff was the most friendly and most human people i have ever worked with ( i had alot of bad jobs). My goal is not I.T. tho, my goal is to become a great game designer and possible story-writer/editor of a comic-book, game designing because it to me is one of the most advanced forms of art as in entails drawing the assets(characters and world) and , storytelling, coding and music. I am currently helping my friend edit the story of his comic that he is writing (Prof you know who I’m talking about Ruben De La Cruz).Over this winter break i will be out of school so hopefully i can just finally sleep in and relax knowing i don’t have to got to school again.

My strength in writing is being able to come up with a lot of ideas and details of scenarios and situations for the characters in story’s and ways to develop their character in meaningful ways and of course the weakness is how do i structure the characters in a way where i can progress their character and show a gradual change for better or worse that is interesting and consistent plot wise.