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Panic or Stay Calm…Past or Future

People are dying left to right in the novel Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. Part 2 shows the people in sheer panic and jump to any conclusion to calm the blow. One example of this is in (47) where a traveling band leaves behind two members behind because one of them (Charlie) was pregnant. As the band came back around to the city they notice their crew members are gone and a cult rises up control by their “prophet”. This example shows people at their all time low where they accept anything to explain the unknown or unwanted facts that go against their traditional thinking.

Part 3 clarified the past of Arthur which was missing in part 1. Part 3 goes on about Arthur who takes or multiple small time roles which eventually leads him to Hollywood where he meets an artist who is writing a novel called Station Eleven. Arthur and the artist eventually get together but he ends up having an affair. To be honest i like back stories more due that they give more depth to the character intended.

Does the Mean Justify the End

In the short story  “August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains” it describes the two halfs of advancements in technology. The story begins with a house which is made to take care of whoever is living in it. Waking them up, making breakfast and cleaning is all done by the house. This is an example of technology at the level everyone wants to be where humans do no work thanks to the “good” advancement of technology. But there is one catch to the house. There is no one living in the it why is that? Why abandon a house with such luxury.  Well later in the story we read about a dog entering the house wounded and covered in sores (page 2, para. 3) it wanders the house looking for some sense of life which it did not.

The dog dies later after finding food in the house and is burned thanks to the house self cleaning robots. This dogs shows us the other half the bad half and another bint given near the beginning of the story where the house read  “There Will Come Soft Rains” (page 3) which describes the world will be better off without humanity. Humanity must have faced technology weaponized (nuclear bombs) killing all living organisms it can touch with one hit and slowly killing the ones with the aftermath of radiation which could have caused the sores on the dog. Ray Bradbury warns us to be careful with the power we have due that it could be the same power to end it all.

Set Yourself Free

Yellow Wallpaper is a story written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman talking about a woman that goes insane due to being locked up in a room with no outside communication but her husband and a nurse. Let me explain, the narrator and her husband had a child and through this the narrator becomes depressed. Her husband then takes her to the countryside to give her “rescare” as there house gets fixed which is more like trapping her. The narrator is forbidden to do most things like writing which calms her, so instead of listening she writes in secret as the nurse leaves and the husband goes away for work. As time passes by she begins to notice strange things behind her yellow wallpaper looking like face or faces even looking like a trapped person trying to be freed. The narrator then rips down the wallpaper revealing not a women but nothing at all shortly going mad shortly after. Not noticing the wallpaper was personified to be her.

This story itself is a giant symbol of oppression  that men had over women and the way women were meant to act. This story show how the evolution of women becoming independent and gain their own rights. The women behind the wall paper was the the narrator, it was her inner self begging to be free once again and not trapped and the narrator goes mad not fulfilling her inner self’s needs. This story was a crazy one where the narrator gets trapped and not strong enough to truly free herself.

Puertoricanness is a story about a  immigrant woman who is torn between two worlds of different cultures and habits of Puerto Rico and America. I find this story beautiful as we see our protagonist come to accept herself as she is and understands that her habits are different than non Puerto Rico. In this journey she gets overwhelmed with the new scenery things like food and setting were different. She felt so out of place that she even had memories coming back to her of Puerto Rico and the home she had their.

This story is good example of how most immigrants feel when the enter a new world (country with a different culture) and have to find a way to fit in. Most dive into and accept the new culture, others blend the two and others like our protagonist accepts the difference and keeps their culture in their hearts and continue to use practice out.  This text also relates to me since my mom, aunts, uncles and older sister are immigrants and they blended the two cultures of America and Barbados.


Hi everyone I know I’m really late with this but anyways my name is Charie Ramirez and this is my first year in college. I am doing Construction Management as my major and plan to join the work force in my field and enjoy the site of a building project being made as I supervise. My hobbies are playing games and eating new foods, which I did over the Summer as well as getting my first job (HomeGoods) and as Winter approches I plan to work and play more and new games.

My strengths in writing that I can get my point through easier than others but it can also be my weakness in longer writings. As a reader I don’t really have any strengths but my weaknesses are that I get nervous reading infront of people so i tend to freeze. a
As a thinker I love to think about randoms ideas and topics mainly whatevers pops up in my head but I tend to over think wbich distracts me from my main task. I have no background in openlab and mystery is my favorie genre. I do not have a favorite text, do that I really don’t read alot. This coruse connects to my major by giving me my engish credit and I also expect to get better at writing and reading due that in school those topics are usually my weak points.