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The Future as We May Know it

“There will come soft rains by ray bradbury is a short story that starts off with  how many of us envision the future. The futuristic smart house where everything is done by itself and you d not have to raise a single finger.  The story takes place in August 4th (my birthday), in 2026. The house is completely alone, with no human being inside of it, and even though at first it took me some time to realize that there wasn’t anyone in there, the house runs by itself as in it were like expecting someone to be inside of it.

“The weather box on the front door sang quietly ” Rain Rain, G o away, rubbers, raincoats for today.  ( Bradbury Page 2 Paragraph 4, Sentence 4) It believes, and when I say it, I mean the house.The artificial Intelligence that we now only ‘s get a glimpse of, believes that there is another force, or another life or human being in the house. We as the readers do not know what happened to the rest of the population or to Mrs. McClellan who used to be the person who lived in this house.

“Out of the warrens in the wall, tiny robot mice darted.”, (Bradbury Page 1 Paragraph 7, Sentence 1)

What once was an abomination, one of the most disgustingly things from this planet, is now a powerful tool that helps clean this inhabited house.  The mice go and clean and leave. It is like if you drop something they are constantly watching you, so if you tend to make a mess. they go and clean it right away.

In the second page of this short story we have come across some revealing information about this new feature that this so called smart house has from within. It happens to be that no one and absolutely no one can get closed or touch the house . Birds cannot even get close. “No, not even a bird must touch the house”.

In Page 3 we get revealed that this house belongs to someone after all. This person is a lady called Mrs. McClellan, We as readers do not know her age nor if she is still married or not. (Bradbury Page 3 Second Paragraph Line 7.)

Dogs are a great addition to a home, that is of course, in my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own, but anyways.

It is revealed that there was some dog that used to live with them but now the dog is completely irecognizable , It has no longer that healthy fun and long coat that it once did. It is now Covered in sore spots and malnutrition-ed.  (Bradbury, Page 2 Paragraph 2 Sentence 6, ” It ran wildly in circles, biting off at its tail, spun in a  frenzy, and then died.” The poor dog died, which i must say i was not expecting that.

As I was reading this story i came across so many questions and maybe some of you guys would be able to break it down further for me. Like for example; What happened to the population?

What happened to the kids the elderly and everyone else in between?

Where is everyone?

Why is the house empty?

The Secret Behind The Land of The Dreams

This story written by Ursula Le Guin is honestly an interest story but I have to confess it was super boring at the beginning. The part that caught my attention was going on to the second page in line 18,  where the narrator says, ” I wish I could convince you. Omelas sounds in my words like a city in a fairy tale , long ago and far away, once upon a time.” The city is being described as somewhere where you would like to live in, a made up place that you will be completely content being in. It brings on heavy imagery when someone describes a place like that. At least to me, I used to watch the show Once Upon A Time. Anyways, still in the second page a little further down in page 23, the narrator says, ” The people of Omelas are happy people.”  . What does that truly mean? To be happy, that the people from this place are happy people. The definition of happiness is then described using the different social classes, and for a second it is true.  The less material things that you may have the happier you can be. It is like a saying that I have heard before that goes like, ” The more money you have, the more problems that come along with it.”.

The narrator makes the city of Omelas look like its a great place, it is placed on a pedestal. In page three, from line 13 to 19 it is said that the people of Omelas have no guilt, they do drugs if they want to and they are not ashamed by it.  It is like everything in that place is too good to be true. That there are drugs called “drooz” that makes you feel high and gives you  some sort of relaxation but also causing visions and enhancing sexual experiences. The narrator also goes into beer and alcohol but it is not looked upon heavily like they would in any other place.  It is like they all celebrate something, that there is something to be happy about.

That happiness ends in Page four, third paragraph. We as readers get exposed to this little room with a broom and a mop and a bucket and….. a kid.

A ten year old kid who is suffering, malnutritioned, unhealthy, naked, sitting on the floor on its own feces. That is sad. That is something that should never be done to a kid, no matter how young they are and no matter what they have done. That is not just child abuse but cruelty. The thing that upsets me more was that people go, just to watch him or her. They couldn’t even give it a gender. As if it were an inanimate object, or something that did not matter.

Everyone in that city knows about the kid, They are not allowed to take the kid out, or to say any nice things. They showcase this kid and this is what keeps the “beautiful city of Omelas” in peace and happy. It is supposedly what keeps the people from feeling guilty.  Having someone , they apparently do not care if it is a child who is innocent. And no one even knows why the child is there. Like, why is the kid receiving such harsh punishment for everyone else’s happiness.

Class Notes 9/12

First of all so sorry guys i am posting this up now. I am horrible at this!!!

Things we did on Tuesday 9/12:




PRINT OUT SOMEONE’S BLOG ( we will talk about why is it important to you, why did you pick that especific blog.


Finish girl and if any had questions, we could go back to them.

-Narration and Context

-No burning questions or comments.

Questions of Identity, Perception, Freedom,

(Most of us liked the Yellow Wallpaper) lol


Move on to Puertoricanness, Evaluate it and go into context as to being puertoricanness:

“No longer keep her accent under lock and key” – to be set free

We concluded that the narrator is a SHE.

A shift- conflict- “lock &key”


Conflict- tension, character, plot. (it’s almost always resolved!)

external ( vs. society, environment, human vs. human)

internal (vs. yourself, like getting up in the morning, we all have internal conflicts/wars with ourselves at all times. whether to eat pizza or not, to cross a bridge or not, to go to class today or not. )

I did not have an internal conflict typing this up, JUST finishing my Calculus HW.

INTERNAL CONFLICT- often short-handed, you struggle with something.

AMBIVALENCE- Conflict between 2 things, having 2 different feelings about something.

there is usually a consequence to whatever you decide but when it comes to this word, it is either coming to class or be affected by your grades when you aren’t present to do the classwork and participation.


Self VS. Identity- Internal

Self VS. Society- External

1st sentence: “Waking up inside her” what was dormant? (like a lightbulb just turning on)

PERSONIFICATION of PR being a character.

Paragraph 5 Sentence 2: being caught between 2 worlds, being an immigrant, accent, pronounciation.

PACE/TIMING when she says, “Interrupt me back!”

Her Puertoricanness– Noun, semi-made up word. (essence of being puerto rican.

Puerto Rican- ADJECTIVE describing a person

ANALYSIS- stay grounded, do not stray because of what the author feels. Your idea or your opinion can change because of what we are percepting. 

Puertoricanness- “The way you leave the stove on with food ready…..” Part of culture-Home-Social Aspect

SPONTANEOUS- not expected? just pops up. (think of spontaneous combustion)

IDIOSYNCRASIES- unique to you or to me, not generally to other people.

Narrator identifies being Puerto Rican conflicting.

“Come mija, quieres cafe?” is the way that she starts speaking spanish during the reading intentional?

Yes, to show she misses herself, waking up to the sound of that rooster, to show her puertoricanness, to be set free when speaking her language.Spanish comes out mid-sentence.

1st half of the story is in english until she is no longer under lock and key.

She is becoming more authentic, UNRAVELING.

It’s like she is becoming PR, with an American culture cape hovering above all of that inner self.

SYMBOLISM- personification, manifestation of conflict, diction


The rooster- cannot be repressed- who she really is, TRUE SELF (but she loved it)

IDENTIFICATION “she was like the rooster” (simile- using like or as)

It reminded her of home. (Home being PR)

The rooster prompted the memory of the rooster back home.

Neighbors did not like the rooster- they cursed it, pissed them off.



LAST PARAGRAPH: She accepted herself, puerto rican and american, two cultures inside her, going in the bus to buy vacalao. it all just ends up coming together, conflict is resolved, she gave in. It is all balanced now, no more heartbreak between herself.

SYNTHESIS- coming together


Start on Yellow Wallpaper(not finished yet, re read and comment on a classmate’s blog)

We only did the first couple of pages.

DISCUSSION TIP:  when talking about the story make sure to include page #, column #, paragraph #, and line #.

Setting/ Imagery: uninhabited for a long time, (untenanted Paragraph 4)

“Colonial Mansion”

John is her husband-says that she is not sick, yet he gives her medication (CONTRADICTING).

CREDIBILITY- He is a physician( like her brother)- High Standing

John- controlling (Practical when she is emotional)

Believes in hard facts (Tangible)

Laughs at her, scoffs at her, does not take her seriously.

Treats her like a child, He puts her away from room with flowers. He puts her in a horrible NURSERY

Does not aknowledge her actual being sick

Dismisses everyone around her, he wants he to stay alone in a way. ALIENATES HER.




1st person POV- only her perspective-SUBJECTIVE-RELIABLE?

Narrator has a big imagination, (Paragraph 2- she talks about romantic felicity, and haunted house, like she hopes for the house to be haunted.

EXTERNAL CONFLICT- Husband and Brother are physicians, they take control of the narrator’s life. WHO IS IN CONTROL?

The story is told through her, the setting and imagery but also take a look at the role of her writing.  Her relationship to writing. How she writes and when is she writing.( we will discuss this in class tomorrow!)

Once again guys, sorry for posting this late. I made it as detailed as possible, if you have anything to add feel free to do so!



Hiding Behind The Wallpaper

Written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman based on a true story of a woman dealing with post-partum depression back in the 90’s or maybe even earlier if I am correct. This story is about a couple with their baby moving in to an old house away from civilization for about 3 months, all of summer, while their house gets renovated, or prepared.  The text is written in first person though we honestly do not know the name of the person who is telling the story, all I know is that it is a woman, and her husband’s name is John. John is a physician just like her brother and they both agree in that she is not sick, but yet her husband is giving her medications and what not, like what is this? After saying that she is not sick, she is being told by her husband that she has nervous depression and that she needs rest and free space so of course he rents the ugliest house to keep her locked in. On top of the fact that she cannot go out, she also cannot work nor even express her feelings by writing peacefully. This is when she starts writing in secret, she keeps this journal hidden and writes only when John is away working and when the house keeper is not there. At the beginning of her journal entries, the narrator talks about the house in such way that would make any reader curious as to how is the house on the inside, “A colonial mansion, hereditary estate, I would say a haunted house.”(Page 1, 2nd Paragraph).

Ever since the beginning this lady had the creeps for this house, ” Still I would proudly declare that there is something queer about it, or why should it be let so cheaply?”(page 1, 3rd paragraph). We then continue on to the room in which it could have been used as a nursery by the way that there are bars on the windows, how the paper is peeled off at an specific part of the room, the floor has been clawed at with holes and marks, and the bed that has been screwed on to the floor. She describes it as it looked like it could have been through the wars.(page 3, paragraph 15).

Let’s not forget about the most important part, which is the hideous yellow wall paper. She did not like it from the moment she arrived at the house and had insisted  on to her husband to repaper it. Yet for some reason he did not want to make one simple change to the house, using an excuse like it was a rental house and did not want to spend too much money. As the days go by all she writes is about this yellow wall paper and how it looks, the patters that seem to die off and twist into something else. The way that it smells, and how the color seemed to rub off and onto her clothes and her husbands.

As she spends more and more time in this room she starts growing fond of it, yet there is still something about this wall paper that just does not sit right with her.  She then starts writing about seeing a face  or multiple faces and a certain figure pushing through. Moving too fast she can barely see it.  She is now looking forward to coming to this room to investigate more as to what is going on behind this wall paper. She knows better than to tell anyone because they just simply wont believe her. She ends up peeling the paper from the walls while her husband is at work and not returning until the following day. She tore that paper with madness, she wanted to capture the lady in the wall paper, little did she know she was setting herself free.

Reading Response to Girl

I do not even know how to start my response for this short passage when it comes to behaving like a girl, or behaving like a lady. Society has put so much pressure on women. That is by how we as women should dress, how to speak, how to act, how to walk, how to do everything. In a way I understand why it is important to act and do all of these things a certain way, since it all comes down to finding the right man at the end of the road who respects you and does not waste your time and of course one that does not end up being a wife beater. This passage brings out mixed emotions because women are human, just like men. We all have separate opinions and dreams, just like men do. The idea of  a woman doing EVERYTHING so when the husband comes home they find the food ready and everything else spotless is something that i do not like. I understand that it is important but times have also changed.  Women also go to work. Women want to be independent and also have a life that is not just only clean and wait for their husband to get back from work. In another way, it is important to know how to sow, how to cook, clean the house, wash the dishes, because after all we raise the children who become the future. After we are gone, it is our children who remain in this earth with the example that we have provided for them. It is our responsibility to show them the right path so that they do not suffer or struggle later on in life. It is also important for a woman to give herself some respect and have some dignity not for other people, we should not care what others say, but for herself and her well being and happiness. People will always talk no matter what. By this age I have learned that no matter what you do people will always find a reason to talk about you. Because those are the girls that our mothers tell  us not to become. Then again we do not always have the best example when growing up. Like for me growing up, I saw how a woman gets heavily criticized, for doing the same thing a man does. Like what happened to the whole gender equality or treating each other as equals? Of course there will always be exemptions to subjects like these when it comes to women behaving like ladies. I am not enforcing women behaving like some uncontrolled girls nowadays, i cannot say the word but we all know what they are called. I guess it all depends on how a girl is raised. How she speaks and how she dresses are things that will always change. Every few years these things change, and honestly it has become harder and harder to find a simple girl who does not act like a man and curses like a sailor. A genuine girl who wants to find a nice guy (because those are also hard to find nowadays) to just settle down with.


Hi guys, My name is Blanca Borquez. I know this is like a super late post. I couldn’t post it earlier because of work and other classes. I am still trying to get used to my crazy schedule. My major is Electromechanical Engineering Technology. I am only going for my associate, this is my last year, i will hopefully be graduating in june 2018. I love dancing, i have done it for 7 years and it was fun. I also like exploring around, enjoy some nice views whenever i get out of work early. I do tend to catch up on my shows and relax whenever i have more free time. I honestly do not plan on working on my major after i graduate. I am enlisting into the army as active duty after this. I want to try things out, see what the world has to offer, travel around, but most importantly to experience things. 

Anyways, My strength in writing would be that i actually enjoy writing. Once i have an idea, i will totally go on and on and on but eventually i will get side tracked and that comes into my weakness. I tend to get off topic out of the no where and keep writing about it. I don’t think i have a favorite genre to be honest. As long as its something interesting and maybe if it has some mystery to catch my attention or drama, or stuff like that. I rather forget what is going around me when i am reading a book.  You will probably roll your eyes or laugh but i have actually read the twilight books, back in middle school. I also started reading the game of thrones books, but it got confusing actually. I have read Jane Eyre, The perk of being a wall flower, If I stay and Where she went. There are many more but don’t remember the names right now.

I took this class out of the other ones because this one stood out more for me. I guess because it had to do with fiction and maybe it would be much better than witchcraft to be honest, but i am open minded so we will see.

I have used openlab before, about a year ago or more. I don’t remember but i used it for this one class that i had learned how to code and every week we had to post our homework and projects and so on. It took me like 5 minutes to figure out how to add a post to this group though.