Arthur Leander !

In Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, we once again return to the past before epidemic of the Georgia Flu, where we follow Arthur Leander. After going through three divorces and losing custody battle to his second ex-wife for his child Tyler. He is now in another crazy mess, when his old childhood friend Victoria sold the letters that he wrote to her all those years ago about his life and feeling he had, which will be the book called “Dear V: An Unauthorized Portrait of Arthur Leander”. In this event that transpire with this unauthorized book, we’ll see a more reasonable and kinder Arthur, and we may see Arthur Leander is not such a bad person as we’re all portraying him to be.

As Arthur reveals to Miranda about his old friend Victoria and the book called “Dear V: An Unauthorized Portrait of Arthur Leander” he admitted to Miranda “I was angry at first, I’m still angry, but the truth is, I think I deserved everything I got.”(211) In this one line, Arthur admits he is the one at fault for the crazy events that occurred so far that we know from earlier in Station Eleven. This is an example of taking responsibility for his mistake because he admitting he deserved this predictive. He told Miranda “I treated Victoria like a diary”(211) he admits to that and it is true, he never once wrote thank you in those letters that he sent to Victoria. He thinking back all those letters in Dear: V when he received a copy of the book, he realized he wasn’t acting like a true friend in how he wrote those letters.

As Arthur and Miranda are talking about the Victoria and Dear-V, we are accompany with Kirsten in her younger years. In this instance Miranda notice Arthur was acting different “In the way he looked at the girl, Miranda saw how much he missed his own child, his distant son”(213) we can see Arthur is lonely because he can’t be with son Tyler. This show Arthur does have human emotions because he can feel loneliness. From what we know about Kirsten in her later years and her connection to Arthur, and Kirsten is 7-8 years ago same as his son Taylor are around same age in this part of the story. We can see Arthur may have treated Kirsten with kindness and affection in place of his distant son. We’re now seeing a kinder side to Arthur because in the way he treats Kirsten right now because he suffer from loneliness of missing his son Tyler.

As Arthur is talking to Miranda about his old friend Victoria and Dear: V, we see he admits that he wasn’t acting like true friend in how he wrote those letters to Victoria for all those years. Then later, we see are accompanied with Kirsten in her younger years, and Arthur is treating Kirsten with affection and caring in place of his distant son. We see here Arthur is much more calmer and admitting, and is his loneliness he can’t be with his son. I feel this Arthur is better than the drama and crazy woman affairs he had with his ex-wives. In short, I feel there is large character development with Arthur in how we see Arthur Leander right now in this part of the story.

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