Art Still Exists Post Apocalypse

Station Eleven  by Emily St. John Mandel shows how the world would be like if around 99% of the population would die to to a disease spreading called the Georgia Flu.

We see that the Traveling Symphony goes around towns to show plays and sing songs but, what the remaining survivors would like to see is Shakespeare plays. Art is a huge way to express oneself and others around you. They appreciate the artwork or give appropriate feedback and shows that mankind is still around. The Traveling Symphony is going around doing what they call “noble.” They need something to signify that they’re still human beings and to show that here is a line from the text. “Survival is insufficient: Kirsten has had these words tattooed on her left forearm at the age of fifteen and had been arguing with Dieter about it almost ever since” (119). Just being “alive” isn’t good enough in this post apocalyptic world. We see later in chapter 20, the Symphony witnessed many corpses and August shows his compassion by praying to the dead. Even though survival isn’t enough, they still need to survive this ordeal and play it safe.

It seemed strange but, the disappearance of Sayid and Dieter was shocking. No one knew where they have disappeared to or where they have gone but many questions do pop up. Why suddenly leave in the middle of their journey? Why did they not say anything before they left? It all ties back to why they focus on art and I believe it is to keep their morale up and their sanity. Just imagining living in a the same world where many have died and you’re just continuing to move forward with nothing to strive for and continue to see many dead bodies. Art plays a huge role for the Traveling Symphony and expresses themselves to one another.

In Chapter 32, I am surprised that Jeevan is still relevant.  Things take a dark turn as Frank is paralyzed and will only slow down Jeevan. He tells Jeevan that he will remain behind. “I can’t just leave you. I’ll leave first,” Frank said (183). He is tired of holding his brother back and no longer feels any attachment to this world.  Many of Frank’s neighbors have already died and he believes that survival is the only thing that Jeevan needs from the outside world. Survival and death plays a big role in this story and has been emphasized a lot throughout the story. Many question what is left of this world to see and they embark on a journey to see if it is truly worth it to live in this world. Many have died and through struggling, we see that expressing their self is the only thing to show for. A passion, to show the world that there is something still remaining in this world besides being a survivor.

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