Many things in life tend to go unappreciated every day. I’m not saying that we are just out right unappreciative of the things that we have. What I meant was that we lose appreciation for the things that we have because it is always there and has always been there for us at every point in life. Living in a world that has come to an end, things that have always been around the characters of Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel Life in the modern age where things have always been readily available, people tend to forget how difficult things are to get and how valuable it is considering that we see on a daily basis, from people you love, family members, how easy it is to get clean water, food how easy it was to contact friends and family, etc. Some things are truly appreciated when they have lost something that is truly important to them.


One of the most important things for anyone in the world, family and friends, people that have always been with you since childhood and grew up with. One of the many things in life that possibly is one the most people lose appreciation for in anyone’s life because it is something that feels like it has always been there. This is especially true for Arthur Leander where it has reached the point where he “I used her as a repository for my thoughts …. I stopped thinking of her as a human being reading a letter” (211). He no longer saw Victoria as a person, someone that he grew up with. It is the same with the relationships that he once has with each of his ex-wives. As time goes on for almost every person in Arthur’s life, he loses value for all of them.

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One of the many things that also that don’t get as much appreciation as it should are the things that are around the characters before the collapse. To the people after the collapse the internet is something like a treasure to them especially to Kirsten “none of the members knew much about science … it was maddening given how much time these people had to look up thing son the internet before the world ended” (199~200). The internet is something that the people in station eleven has grown up with. It housed information on basically everything in the world.


First came up with during one of the earlier blog posts which I decided to use for my argumentative essay. After reading through the novel I noticed how little things are appreciated before the collapse of the current civilization in Station Eleven. Still trying to think of something to add to my argument and it’s been a while since I last wrote an argumentative essay. I know some part of this is summarized,


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