apocalypse in station 11

The final chapters of Station Eleven finally disclose the past of the prophet.  The prophet ends up being Tyler, Arthur Leander’s son, who started showing warning signs on page 260 where he is “reading aloud to the dead from the book of Revelation.”  This is ironic for two reasons, the first being the original name of that book of the Bible, while the other is the fact that the prophet is very likely an allusion to the second beast of the book of revelation who is sometimes referred to as the false prophet.  The first time we might be able to see the connection is when, on page 53 of Station Eleven, they find a grave yard with grave markers without disturbed soil.  While they were not exactly killed it echos the book of revelation which says that the second beast breathed life into an image “so that the image could talk and put to death all those who would not worship it.”(Revelation 13:15)  While this could be that the prophet could just represent the second beast, there is also a chance that the prophet could also be representative of the first beast.  There might be those that claim that it can not be as the sign on page 260 talks about the destruction of Babylon something that was divine judgement.  To that I point out Revelation 17:16 as well as Revelation 18:4  these passages show that while God approves it is the Beast with it’s 10 horns that destroys Babylon along with the fact that God tells his people to get out of the city as to not get cought in the punishment of the city.  As this is incredibly depressing I thought I would leave on a more comedic line.  The picture below looks like nature is speaking to you; until you realize that you have to constantly walk up stairs to get home

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