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Why do I write? The question itself sounds like “why do I read? or listen to music?”
Writing has always been a release of the thoughts in my mind that aren’t the same if just spoken, an urge when I am inspired; it feels as though there’s an overflow of words rushing to the paper sometimes. I’ve been writing personally and freely since the 5th grade, when I was introduced to the world of literature, after getting lost in the different lives and worlds of books and after I had read and collected enough Junie B. Jones stories to come to the conclusion that I desperately wanted to write my own!

During the designated free writing time given to us after recess for 10 minutes, I felt the most freedom just recollecting my thoughts in my notebook. I remember once recollecting my morning in a free write and I wrote, “The sun spilled like orange juice over my pillow and onto my ruffled bedsheets”. I didn’t think much of it but my teacher loved this sentence so much! I can also still recall the sweaty palms and hand aches induced by my excitement to get all my words and short stories down. My first ever hand written chapter book was a science fiction novel about a group of gifted seniors in high school who got together every New Year’s Eve to stop the sun from scorching the planet. They’d all been born with the same supernatural power to blow extremely strong winds that cool off the Sun’s surface! I went on to write dozens of short stories; some related to mystery, action, and even some from the perspective of fictional slave characters during the late 1700’s, as this was the grade I first learned about the slave trade that shaped America.

Today, I’ve written myself out of some of the darkest places in my life. From loss, heartbreak or even the happiest days of my life, my reflection and expression through writing has given me strength to not only push forward but inspire others. I believe this is also why I aim to be an English teacher; to help others reach inside for stories and words that already exist in them. To write is to share from within and create worlds, animals, people of all colors and shapes… all with just the ink in your pen or the lead in a pencil. Writing is an editable journey in which we delve into the depths of our creativity and piece together something meaningful and from the soul. I write because I am inspired, but I also write to inspire, and writing is sort of a never-ending chain of influence in this way.

3 thoughts on “Anonymous, Pure Self Expression

  1. Daniel

    “The sun spilled like orange juice over my pillow and onto my ruffled bedsheets”

    You transformed something powerful yet passive into something fluid and dynamic with this analogy between sunlight and orange juice. It works so well here because it is so self-evident but who would have thought of it. The analogy lends vibrancy to and broadens the sensory stimulus of the sunlight as it meets ruffled bedsheets…..turning words into magic! Your blog post is inspiring.


  2. Jill Belli

    Thank you for sharing how writing is an outlet for you, and how it inspires you. I’m so glad that you want to help others to cultivate their creativity through writing as an English teacher!


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