An Interesting Ending

After I finished reading the “The Handmaids Tale” by Margaret Atwood I was left with more questions than answers. For instance when Nick comes in to get Offred with other member of the Eyes and tells Offred that they are part of the mayday. ”I expect a stranger, but it’s Nick who pushes open the door, flicks on the light. I can’t place that, unless he’s one of them. (293) I was left asking was Nick part the eye along or was he actually part of the resistance. Were any of his interactions with Offred or was he just spying on her.

Another cliffhanger at the end of the story is the relationship between Offred and The Commander. From the previous chapter it looked like the The Commander cared about Offred but when she was being taken away by the Eyes they seemed to turn on her worrying that she would betray them. ”Bitch, she says. After all he did for you (294). Before it looked as if Serena Joy was the one who called the Eye on Offred. But after you see the way they both react to her getting taken away they seem to be scared that they would talk about all the rules they broke. This makes you question who call them or if Nick is actually part of the mayday and there to safe Offred.

When Offred was waiting for the Van to come I thought that she would hang herself just like Ofglen.  But she did not and that showed me that maybe Offred is not the hero in this book and that she’s not as strong as Ofglen. “Fatigue is here, in my body, in my legs and eyes. That is what gets you in the end. Faith is only a word, embroidered” (292) I’m left to think why didn’t Offred just end it like Ofglen. Did she believe that there was hope out there or was she just to coward to take her own life or beg to the Commander?

Even the last line was a cliff hanger. “And so I step up, into the darkness within; or else the light. (295) that line makes you think of all the endless possibilities. Does she die or is Nick there actually to save here. Does the Commander somehow get out of the trouble? You just imagine that your Offred and you don’t know what’s about to happen but you hope for the best.

The only thing that was not a cliffhanger at the end was that you see every one of the character break the laws one way or another. You see how all these laws have no effect and all it does is bring fear into the people. What’s interesting is the fact that the top Commanders don’t even seem to try to keep the rule of Law in Gilead. It’s as they are trying to see the country fail and overlook the people breaking the laws. Even Serena Joy does not seem to care about the laws as she had the option of turning Offred in but she never did.

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