An Analysis of Leadership in Station Eleven



It is difficult to comprehend why only certain people take control of chaotic situations. In Emily St. John Mandel’s novel, Station Eleven, a vast cast of characters were put in situations that challenged their leadership abilities during chaotic situations. The Prophet was one of the many protagonists that was capable of having a following of people during the novel, his story was differently the most fascinating and compelling ones. It is very interesting to find out the story behind this character and try to figure out what influenced him to become the person he was during the book. What was it that made him believe that he was the chosen who? Could he really be the chosen one or was this just him loosing his mind in all the chaos? 

Part 1

As I mentioned earlier the Prophet was a important character in the post collapse world. The Prophet influenced many events throughout the story, mostly in negative ways. The prophet’s name was Tyler. He was the son of Arthur, another protagonist in the novel. Arthur was a famous Hollywood actor living a luxurious life. Unfortunately, Arthur was not able to see Tyler so often during his career. The narrator discusses that during the collapse Tyler was still a young child, only eight years old. He was stuck in an airport with his mother Elizabeth Colton when it all happened. Tyler was a very quiet young man, he focused most of his adolescence reading. He didn’t have much to choose from just his comic books, and his mothers New Testament. He was so enthralled by the new testament that he hadn’t realized the hard times after the collapses life.

Part 2

At a point Tyler and his mother decided to leave the Museum of Civilization.  It’s unknown what occurred during that time to Tyler and Elizabeth, yet it doesn’t matter to the reader because the result would still be the same with us not knowing what had actually occurred. His mother would still be dead and Tyler would still be a broken leader in the post apocalyptic society. Tyler became a very anger and dangerous man, ironically “The Prophet” had done nonreligious actions during his time in leadership. 


After reading the novel I wanted to focus on what effects the collapse had on people, specifically Tyler. The greatest argument in the novel is if his actions were truly effective for the people during the time. His journey from a boy stuck in an airport with his mother to a man effecting the lives of so many. I want to try and figure out why he turned into such an aggressive character.

I am excited to focus on Tyler’s story and the people around his, how he influenced them and vice versa. I need to focus on adding more textual evidence. I am struggling to understand what could have happened when he and his mother left the airport. During those years the changes in Tyler’s life had began, what could have happened then? Furthermore, I need to find more comparisons to Tyler? I believe that I can choose a character from the book to compare to Tyler and his leadership. The hard part is picking one.

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