A Standard to Follow

In story of “Girl” speaks to a girl as to the rules and norms to follow. It is assumed that the narrator is someone of age giving knowledge and advice to a younger, perhaps someone in the family, girl. The story is structured abruptly and  runs on to more of a conversation than a short story. The conversation is set heavily one sided to having the narrator take forth most of the conversation. No names are given and many assumptions have to be made in order to have a clearer picture of the plot taking place. In my mind it is a grandmother of a small village setting ground rules and norms to be followed by her granddaughter to be able to be accepted their society. It is a verbal pass down of rules  and standards for women to follow and in a way it can be seen as a passageway to becoming a women in their community.

There is examples of this in a cultures around the world, some being with strict laws and directives, while others have a more passive manner of enforcing norms. In the United States there is social norms that are followed and activities that are looked down upon. In the story there is an emphasis on making sure the “girl” that is being spoken to does not become a slut, which in different cultures can be interpreted very differently. In the story the term slut is seen as a label that can be given to a girl in their community but one that can not be taken back. In the United States the word slut does too get thrown out a lot but with a lesser enforcement, I believe. In the story the “grandmother” warns of  the repercussions that can come if she were to ever become a slut and to the gir’ls dismay she can become a slut quiet readily.

Time is also important to the story, one of which is not given and can only be assumed. Time being what period in history is this conversation taken place, was it yesterday, in the last 10 years or a century ago. During different periods of time people think, interact and behave differently. A conversation like this might have been an everyday conversation, but today it might be looked down upon. Many things can be assumed in this story and it can bring upon many feelings while reading, but I believe that is all part of the joy of reading.

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