At the end of the day. They’re all prisoners.

The commander seems to be one of the few commanders that somewhat feels sorry for the the handmaids that are put under his steed. He seems like the kind of person that sees the handmaids in a more human perspective than many of the other characters in this book. We were also taught that the handmaid that was ordered there before serve the commander before Offred came had the same sort of meetings that Offred is currently having with the commander. Although, the previous handmaid’s meetings with the commander were cut short the second Serena found out about their meetings. The following event of the handmaid killing herself brings a specific question in mind. What exactly are these colonies and how are the women and unwomen treated in them? I mean, i get that woman who are not useful in the Gilead empire are sent to them but we are rarely given a detail description as to what happens inside of them. But, whatever the colony truly is, we know full well that it clearly isn’t something good. Even for the woman who have given birth. The fact that the handmaid that served before Offred was so scared of being sent their that she would rather take her own life then potentially suffer. Also, how did the Gilleads officially come into power? we already know of the U.S’s downfall but we were never given an explanation as to how the Gilead kingdom came to be. Were they a small time religious cult that took the opportunity to take over the second the government collapsed? or were they were they created during the collapse by a group of like minded individuals with a lot of political influence and or money? So many things about this world are still shrouded in mystery. Which makes it all the more exciting when you’re try predict what might happen next. Our knowledge is very limited because of the fact that we’re seeing the story play out through Offred’s eyes. Also, i kind of have to ask. Is Offred morally wrong in seeing the commander’s guilt as a point of exploitation to use for her own goal of escape? This sort of question would usually (I assume) be met with a unanimous NO and, i can see why. The Gilead empire have women treated as nothing but objects to be used as a means towards an end. Offred using a weakness in the system should be seen as a work of cunning and intelligence with a side of comeuppance but, let me ask you this (and please bare in mind, that i’m going to act as a pseudo devil’s advocate. I say pseudo because i wont be fully committing to the role, just using it as a starting point for a somewhat specific argument). The commander, in his own way is actually seeing the handmaid’s as actual human beings with emotion. In this empire, woman are constantly pushed ad forced to do things with out their own opinions or feelings being accounted for. The commander seems to be the main person (as of now anyway) to actually go out of his way and endanger punishment to give his current handmaids some respite in their gray and dreary lives. The commander, just like offred, seem to be a slave to the system and can’t exactly leave or act outside of their own roles with out swift and harsh punishment from their totalitarian leaders. Sure, he may be given more power to act on than the other handmaid’s do but, he is also a prisoner in his own right. So, I’d have to ask again. Is Offred, taking advantage of the commander’s kindness and guilt morally wrong? morally right? or is the question of morals irrelevant as a whole?

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