A New World

In the theater it all began, King Lear a play about tragedy and death. Arthur Lender the lead actor suffers a heart attack and in the audience Jeevan, a man who is training to be a paramedic rushes the stage attempts CPR but it’s too late. Interestingly the author’s addition of the paparazzi is her possibly showing the obsession that people have with celebrities and media. Also when it comes to informing his family of the passing instead of calling his family they call his lawyer and have drink toasting Arthurs career. I believe this shows even though his famous he never lived a fulfilled life as he wasn’t close to his family.

At the end of chapter two we learn that something happens to all people in the bar and the bartender lives the longest three weeks (CHP 2 Pg15). Soon after Jeevan, while walking and thinking about the events gets a call from his doctor and gets warned of the outbreak of the Georgia Flu. (CHP 3 Pg 17)After walking a little more he gets a call from the doctor again that tells him get out of the city or stock up on the supplies. Jeevan visits his brother Frank apartment knowing that this might be the last time they see due to Frank being a paraplegic. This is an interesting problem do you stay with your family and hope for the best or due you listen to the doctor and leave. Personally I would stay with my family because you don’t know what the future holds and I would want to die with my family.

In chapter 6 we learn about how the Georgia Flu has spread and what damage it has done, we get an incomplete list of what is left and what is gone. It seems as the world has gone dark as we learn there is no more trains running under the surface of cities on the dazzling power of the electric third rail. Then we that there are no more cities. This shows that maybe there are few survivors and they are all spread out all across the country or even the world. We also learn that there are no more pharmaceuticals left meaning that one small cut or an infection is an automatic loss of life.

No more countries, all borders unmanned the whole world is in chaos now and there’s no military to protect people. All laws are gone and now people have to fend for themselves. This a post-apocalyptic world with no order. I believe we all wondered about this kind of situation how we will survive what we will do. Reading ahead you get to imagine what happens and quite interesting. The decisions that Jeevan makes could be his last and mentally I don’t know if I would be able to survive long in a post-apocalyptic world.

In Chapter 1 we meet a little girl by the name of Krystal and then we don’t seem to hear from here again.  This is the only character we get to know by first and last name and Jeevan seems to be a father figure to here for the short moment he was taking care of here.  I believe Emily ST, John Mandel is somehow going to find a way for these two girls two characters to meet and survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

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