A greater meaning and what it means to survive

After reading Parts 4 through 6 from Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, the sudden jumps from the past of when before the Georgia Flu began and after is an excellent way for us to get to know the character’s before the epidemic began, to me it feels like the past and future are completely different worlds despite it being the same “world”.

The actions, people, events, and even certain items, not matter how simple or insignificant it can be, in this story are presented for a reason, as later at some point within the story it will return with either a deeper meaning or with a grand significance. People such as Jeevan who was presented within the first Part of the story, only to never be seen again until Part 5, where we can witness how he is surviving after the destruction of the world.

Another example of this. “It was strange, she kept thinking, that the prophet’s dog had the same name as the dog  in her comic books…” (120) The name of the dog is Luli. As of yet the story hasn’t stated the deeper significance as to why the prophet’s dog has this name, but there is a connection and it is clear that the name of the prophet’s dog is confusing to Kirsten. There is a great chance this connection will deepen the next time Kirsten runs in to the prophet.

As I mentioned earlier of the post, we have the return of Jeevan, though our second encounter of him is taken place in the past, approximately “seven years before the end of the world…” (7). Through out this second half we gain a glimpse into Jeevan’s life, he was someone who was unhappy with his career at the time, “Jeevan had been working as a paparazzo for some years and had made a passable living at it, but he was sick to death of stalking celebrities from behind sidewalk planters and lying in wait in parked cars….” (169) He wished for more in life until he encountered Arthur and finally got the big break he was looking for.

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