Puertoricanness is a story about a  immigrant woman who is torn between two worlds of different cultures and habits of Puerto Rico and America. I find this story beautiful as we see our protagonist come to accept herself as she is and understands that her habits are different than non Puerto Rico. In this journey she gets overwhelmed with the new scenery things like food and setting were different. She felt so out of place that she even had memories coming back to her of Puerto Rico and the home she had their.

This story is good example of how most immigrants feel when the enter a new world (country with a different culture) and have to find a way to fit in. Most dive into and accept the new culture, others blend the two and others like our protagonist accepts the difference and keeps their culture in their hearts and continue to use practice out.  This text also relates to me since my mom, aunts, uncles and older sister are immigrants and they blended the two cultures of America and Barbados.

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