ENG 2420: Science Fiction

City Tech, Fall 2016

Women’s Involvement in Robotic Technology

The idea I would like to propose for my archive project is about the women involvement in robotic technologies and their impact in society.

The reason why I became interested in this subject is because of the alarming decline of women students in the computer/programming fields. While talking with one of my professor from my major, he told me that the quantity of female students have significantly decreased from 20% to almost 8% in less than two years. As a major in computer engineering technology I became extremely concerned for this decline as I attempt to understand the circumstances involving such decrement. Being in a field that requires a lot of thinking, logic, numbers, etc., it can sometimes be overwhelming and challenging, however the feeling of satisfaction after obtaining the final product working or a program running has no price.

From that small amount of women who still continue in the computer field, the majority of them are oriented in robotic design and devices that can be beneficial to future generations. A week ago I had the gratifying opportunity to attend one of the IEEE conferences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and observe the various projects created from graduate and undergraduate students. I also had the opportunity to present the project that we have been working on which is a robotic mannequin. To my surprise I observe that a good amount of the speakers and presenters from various well-known institutes were successful women who have been working in the technology field for several years. It is really amazing the contributions these woman have made to field and frankly this lit in me such a great motivation to continue to what I love to do.

While my teammates, professor and I were discussing about the involvement of women in robotics, we related our topic the science fiction genre. Since most of the majority of science fiction stories, novels and movies state that robots have been created to replace human work, we mention that women are doing totally the opposite. In the actuality, women have create robotic devices that do not replace human work yet they work side by side with humans to produce a more successful task. For this reason I would like to investigate how women can positively impact society with their robotic advances.

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  1. Joselin, I love to see how you are connecting your proposal both to your academic/professional work and to an important issue in our real world (the under-representation of women in STEM field). I know we had a chance to discuss this a little during peer review today in class, and while I think you’re on to something here, it is unclear how you will directly relate this topic to science fiction. Also, you have a pretty broad/ambitious plan for this project (“to investigate how women can positively impact society with their robotic advances”). Therefore, it’s important that you work to focus this topic more, to make it more manageable and directly relevant to the assignment. Some additional research will help as you do this for the next revision of this proposal.

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