Writing has become one of my major obstacles that I want to overcome. Back in Ecuador where I was born, I could write pages upon pages and never get bored of doing it. With my friends, we created our own stories filled with wizards, romance, and horror of many kind. However, when coming to a country that speaks a different language than the one you grew up with, it becomes both challenging and frightening. Yet, that has not stopped me from loving books, art and literature even though they are in a different language.  Learning a new language has been a struggle and continues to be a challenge every day. Writing has been a form of communication and learning. Through writing I can learn new vocabulary that can further help express myself in various ways. I might not be the greatest writer and I might still make a lotttttttt of grammatical errors, yet this has not discouraged me but rather encourage me to reach my goal of becoming the best writer that I can be. This is ME. This is #WhyIWrite.