After watching the movie “Metropolis, I thought that it was quite interesting. The way how they still show the difference between the poor and the rich, but that’s not what its all about for sure. I liked the part when Freder, Joh Freder’s son, was able to make the decision on his own. When he saw the girl who was taking care of the poor children, whose name is Maria, and how he discovered about the workers working around the machine in the Depths of the city, it changed into a different person from who he was. How does he show that he changed? It was when he went back to the Depths and he saw a worker working with 2 arms and had to used them to point onto the two lightbulbs when they glow. Freder then told the worker that he would like to take his place and let him be free.

Another thing that I thought was interesting was when Rotwang, a mad¬†scientist¬†¬†who was¬†obsess with his dead woman named Hel, who was also Freder’s mother, kidnapped Maria and made a copy of Maria by using his creation Machine Man and his analysis pod that is used to analyze the¬†body and have it transferred¬†into a robot. The reason why I find it interesting is because the movie also tells us about¬†an insane¬†woman Babylon The Great, who was the mother of abominations of the Earth. So, the way how the movie is saying about the copy of Maria is that she symbolizes Babylon The Great. To show how her actions made chaos to the city is when she was ordered by Joh Freder to go to the workers secret catacombs and to¬†make sure that their rebellion¬†ends. As she arrived their, she¬†started¬†telling¬†everyone to stop waiting and to cause destruction of the¬†machines. She’s¬†told everyone to rebel¬†by using violence. And¬†it¬†actually worked onto these guys. Just as they¬†arrived at the Depths¬†of the city, she¬†got the rest of the¬†workers to join into her side and made the people¬†destroy the heart of the machine. The result of that was that it made¬†the¬†poor city flooded.

But the most important thing that I liked about¬†the movie was a certain quote. And that quote is “The mediator between head and hands must be the heart.” What that quote means to me is that¬†no matter what kind of challenges lies forward in their life, they will always have god in their hearts. Meaning god will always be in their side and will always support you. Overall to say, I liked the movie and I may tell some people, even my parents to watch it.