After taking a visit to the Symposium, there were some interesting information like I have never heard of before. I arrived to the Symposium at 2:50pm just before the Student Roundtable started. As Jill Belli began the roundtable, she had been asking some of the students some questions on what their opinion is about Science Fiction. The students had answered Belli’s questions very thoroughly even I was impress of their thoughts about Science Fiction. Their answers were remarkable that it makes me glad that I was in a Science Fiction course. I do like how the students put up their questions whenever they answered Belli’s questions and then explained on why they thought about it.

My favorite answer from one of the students was when one asked “How far can they keep up with the upgrade of technology?” In my opinion, I say that is a good question because I do remember the time when I saw the news about the new cell phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 being burst into flames. Plus the company did say that the reason why the phone exploded was because of overheating the battery cells. This means that technology has to have an upgrade limit so that the company don’t have to end like the cell phone did. That is why I thought that it was an interesting question from the student.

Overall, I thought that the Symposium was a brand new experience of learning the knowledge of Science Fiction. It was really a good idea to stop by there and here what students thought about Science Fiction. Now that is what I really call a “Brave New World.”