Chapters 14-18 you come to understand the price paid in this civilization to maintain control, and to keep the society the way it is seen throughout the story. In Chapter 16 page 201 Mustapha Mond tells a story the world controllers giving a island called Cyprus the freedom that we would have today. They left twenty two thousand alphas run the island with no other caste to do any of the dirty work. He goes on to show how if a society where there were no lesser humans or “Epsilon semi-morons” to do any of the “dirty work” it wouldn’t survive. “All agricultural and industrial equipment was handed over to them and they were left to manage their own affairs. The result exactly fulfilled all theoretical predictions. The land wasn’t properly worked; there were strikes in all the factories; the laws were set at naught, orders disobeyed; all the people detailed for a spell of low-grade work were perpetually intriguing for high-grade jobs, and all the people with high-grade jobs were counter-intriguing at all costs to stay where they were”. Mustapha Mond gave legit factual evidence to prove why freedom and a society where everyone is looked to as equal will not work while John questioned the way things are. It took a civil war and the death of over half of the population of the island for them to want to return to the grasp of the world controllers, that is the reason why the society is as it stands as Mustapha Mond said “Because we have no wish to have our throats cut”(pg. 200).  Johns questioning of the use of the “Bokanovsky Groups” brought a very interesting reaction from Mustapha Mond, which tied into his story about the Alphas. It showed that a society of people who think they are equal it will not work, for there always has to be someone to do the “dirty work”. “A society of Alphas couldn’t fail to be unstable and miserable. Imagine a factory staffed by alphas- that is to say by separate and unrelated individuals of good heredity and conditioned so as to be capable (within limits) of making a free choice assuming responsibility. Imagine it!……It’s an absurdity”. His reasoning is that Alphas can’t and aren’t conditioned to do work lesser than their “class”.  Mustapha Mond’s reasoning behind the way their society is makes sense, but it’s still wrong. He explains why things are the way they are and the price they pay to keep them, but even he is “Conditioned” to think so. But in reality it is really fear that keeps them trapped in this delusion of Happiness they continue dwell on.