The trip to the science fiction archive in city tech’s library was something that i did not think would be as fun and engaging was it turned out. Seeing how much work was done to perverse old volumes of science fiction was astounding, as well as very generous by the donor who spent a long time collecting of the works that we now have access to. I spent a lot of time looking at the old covers and seeing many illustrations that seemed to have inspired later workers or proves that we have a very limited imagination when it come to something like spaceships and future technology. What i also liked was the mix between what was real and what was made up in the cover art of some of the magazines given to us, the one had was of a dragon going after a early 4-15 eagle which is a combat aircraft still in use today. Many of the other cover tired to have something that was different but still human to them, they would have been very radical at the time they were made but they still stayed true to the roots of science fiction, odd but believable, far into the future yet still close to home and many other things that make the genre what it is. Full possibility and filled with opportunity to grow. Much like the archive, it has many things within it and not all of it was on display and yet there is so much more to add to it, older works that are missing, new works that have yet to become famous and worthy of a place to be and many more to come. Seeing the past works and then looking at what we have now, it becomes apparent how much it has grown to this day. Science fiction has become popular, it has a massive fan base, it is longer something that only a few would read and talk about, it has set the stage for people to learn about the world around them and about the stars and now it is seen everywhere. All the films and shows that have come out and still are coming out, add to this ever growing world of endless possibility. And i only wish to have more time to view all of the art, to read many of the stories, and to understand more about the roots of science fiction and it’s growth to what is had become today. Everything is possible, there are so many things to wrote about, to read, to understand, to question, to learn and most important of all, to share and store. For knowledge is only useful if used, shared and absorbed bu others who will then pass it on to others who will do the same. The problem starts when people use this information for their own gain and do not share it’s power with others, such as reading the only copy of a book and then claiming it to be yours or using the power it contained for your own advancement and gain.