In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley we are introduced to soma. Soma is a drug used by characters when they are looking for a good time or beginning to feel unhappy or discomfort. The commonality of using soma is illustrated when the author states, “She felt in her pocket for her soma –only to discover that, by some unprecedented oversight, she had left the bottle down at the rest-house” (106). The narrator refers to the character Lenina leaving her soma home something she never does. In Brave New World soma is so natural it not able to be seen a debilitating.

The naturalness of soma is worse in comparison to drugs in today’s world making it really debilitating. Like real world drugs soma is addictive. At some point Lenina cries out, “Oh, I wish I had my soma” (110). She needed soma because viewing the primitive Native American tribe—of the reservoir, ritual was overwhelming for her. Soma causes the characters to want a drug to deal with miniscule problems. It is worse than real world drugs because it is sociably acceptable and legal. The fact that soma is so natural makes It worst. In the novel the character Linda who was left among the reservoir states, “What I had to suffer—and not a gramme of soma to be had. Only a drink of mescal every now and then, when Pope used to bring it…But it makes you feel so bad afterwards, the mescal does, and you’re sick with the peyotl; besides it always made that awful feeling of being ashamed much worst the next day” (113). There is not much that turn the characters away from soma because unlike real world drugs soma does not have any awful side effects like hangovers, bad teeth, and aging.

Characters are unable to see that there is something wrong with their excessive use of soma. At some point in the novel the Lenina tries to persuade Bernard to have a gramme of soma but he refuses preferring to feel his anger.  The social reliance of soma makes it possible for Lenina to actually persuade him. Characters are unable to see that they are not really happy and soma is used to feel that void and not live life. It is like going through life numb.