City Tech, Fall 2016

The future is now! Draft….

I would like to propose the idea of researching a plethora of settings in science fiction and their authors in order to understand how they came to the conclusion of their world. To explain one of the key aspects I find most interesting in science fiction is the setting and use of technology. We now understand that in science fiction there is a use of extrapulation, speculation and estrangement. So when reading science fiction the year of publication matters since it warps the books use of technology, characters and sometimes political events.

The idea originally came from when I watched  Bade Runner the film, its cyberpunk/ Asian aesthetic really got me thinking ” Why would the future look like that?” The setting looked very strange, crowded and dangerous, so I quickly began thinking what where they thinking in 1982. I’m not saying I don’t like the setting but I am curious about its inspiration. When we read “Do androids dream of Electric sheep?” we saw a exrapulated world from america in 1968,  “Brave New world” is from Europe of 1932. These two books offer a much different world when comparing them side by side, they also offer different issues, I want to learn how the word around these authors manipulated there influence to create this type of setting and story.

I would also like to further my research into various other films and work from different time periods. The matrix, The Hunger Games series. Currently i am still deciding what other stories I should consider for this research but I hope to pick one major film or book for each decade. Like i said I hope that by the end of this project I can successfully explain how a persons surrounding will directly inspire there work, and possibly explain how its happened in our past using various films and movies.


  1. Danny M

    The idea about the publication of the science fiction text, influencing the setting of the story is good. In my opinion, it’s very true; as we can see from the short film we saw in class, Le Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip to the Moon).

    The critical points I have to address here is, what is it exactly arguing?
    From what I understand, the setting does change, depending on the publication date, but that is mostly agreeable. What does it exactly argue and what the counter argument for it would actually be.

    It is connected to Science Fiction in the sense that we, as the people/society, define what our future will be. And definitely, our science fiction now is different then it would be if it was written in the future, when that part of the science fiction is achieved.

    As it is, I feel like it is more of a, gathering of timeline and ideas, rather than something we can disagree on. Maybe it is more philosophical and factual events that have happened.

  2. Jill Belli

    Ruben, I definitely think the the relationship of setting and time in science fiction is interesting and significant. But this proposal is pretty general and also ambitious, proposing to do a lot of different things in very broad strokes. There are definitely historical trends we can identify in different decades, but your last paragraph seems (at least as it is conceptualized here) out of the scope of this relatively short project, since you won’t be able to draw any generalizations from exploring just one work from each decade (there is not enough data to make any conclusions). Definitely the historical context in which an author writes a science fiction text influences the types of possibilities s/he is able to imagine, and this could be productive direction to explore as you go forward. But the key is to focus this a lot: then we’ll be able to better help you shape/refine further.

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