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The topic I went over for my project was how androids are similar to African Americans. The reason why is because it makes┬áthings interesting to comparing humans with robots. People may say that it is impossible to compare an android to a human, but when it comes to researching, anything is possible. Even though there are differences between the two,┬áthey are┬á┬ástill similar because of the challenges they had to face in their lives. Allow me to go over some of the challenges they had to face. On the androids’ side, they had to deal with humans who try to not let them be part of society, and not allow them to continue on blending in the human society. Humans think that if androids are enhancing their knowledge of reality experience, they would become more dangerous┬áthan they were before. In other words, humans don’t really trust androids when they go off alone without their creator supervising them.

As for the African Americans, they had to deal with society itself.┬á In the history of the African Americans, there were a lot of challenges that they had to face. Some African Americans had dealt with slave owners when they were slaves back then. While other African Americans dealt with segregation. It only takes a lot of guts, including famous black leaders to support the African Americans, to fight back. Without the black leaders supporting them, black people would still be slaves and segregation would still have continued. Through the years of how African Americans survived, it may have been a miracle for them. In other words, African Americans would rather keep themselves alive and let time take its course. They wanted to see whether or not there would be some changes in the society or that society would just remain the same. These details show that even though the androids’ and African Americans’ challenges are different, they still had dealt with the same problem. And that problem is none other than society. It may be possible that androids are like imageries┬áthat are representing to the African Americans. When scholars learned about the African Americans and they started reading about the androids, they would know that androids are like African Americans.