Just as when you thought things cannot go wrong as you’re continuing to read a story like “Brave New World”, it turns out that things just got deep. If there’s one thing that makes a story go deep, it’s the character itself. After reading Chapter 6, the mood of each character shows their inner aura. One character that has a really dark aura around him, while the other character has an aura that may contain darkness and it may continue to grow. These two characters are the Director and Bernard. So the question is, how can we tell that these two characters have those kind of auras?

Let’s start off with the Director. The way how you would see him after reading his quotes in chapter 6, you probably see him as an antagonist in the story. For example, he knows the idea of Bernard’s, which was “to have a look at the savages” (94). And then he starts talking to Bernard a sad and dark story about a girl he was with back in New Mexico for his summer holiday. After he told the story, the Director then “Started into a guilty realization of where he was; shot a glance at Bernard, and averting his eyes, blushed darkly; looked at him with sudden suspicion and, angrily on his dignity” (95). These types of actions definitely shows that he is a psychopath and only a villain can do these kinds of performance.

And as for Bernard, he would have to be a confused boy who thinks that having hatred to the people and only believing himself is a way of happiness. For example, during the time when he was talking to Lenina, he started “stopping  his propeller and hovering on his helicopter screws within a hundred feet of the waves” (89). In which case, it made the weather go even worse and darker. After he turned off the current, he said to her “It makes me feel as though I were more me, if you see what I mean. More on my own, not so completely a part of something else. Not just a cell in the social body” (90). As we see what Bernard did and how he felt about it, this shows that he would need to quickly learn that believing only yourself is not the true answer and he can have the chance to change the aura that he has right now, or else he’ll probably end up like the Director.

Through the things we readers see into these characters right now, their auras are determined of the path they choose. As the Director had made his chose of his aura, he will stick with it permanently. But the question for Bernard, however, is “Will he change his aura, or will he never change it forever?”