Johns visit to the hospital showed so much truth. Johns finally is known as the character of free will. When Johns mother died he showed sadness and it trigged higher instincts inside of him. It made him act revolutionary. Johns said on chapter 16 soma kills which was true since his mother is dead. This visit lead to exile at the end because of the acts committed in the hospital. Mustafa on the other hand also shows something strange that I consider emotionally non existing. Mustard said since he’s one of the law makers he gets to breaks them. In fact, the situation is quoting Shakespeare work which leaves it stupid. Why would anyone ban that kind of literature. This simply shows how sarcastic was the world they live in. John was experiencing angery emotions that made his response become more harsh toward all things. At the end on exile john was a little happy since he planted gardens and didn’t think about most stuff that happened. When the reporter came to him and says ” hi, I’m the reporter ” showed that it’s unprofessional but it also hinted that mainly this maybe a fake world. At the end I think it’s sad that he dies even if they just hinted it’s not real it wouldn’t make a difference. The truth is that this whole story ends with John being dead. Ironic to begin with and a no happy ending means leaving readers heart broken.