When I started to read the “brave new world” I thought Bernard was nothing compared to john at least on a characterized prospective. As soonest I read chapter 10-13 I figured out Bernard is about to be different and yet it happened Bernard is taking johns hot spots. Like popularity and people starting to know him better. Although John was smart and dramatic he was caring where Bernard is not. I knew that when I read about him worried that soma would kill the women in 2 months based on the dosage she’s taking. Yes, somehow the doctors convinced john it’s actually lengthen her life. I kinda thought this was ironic because John has a feeling that it’s bad but then he believed it’s good. Anyway, in chapter 10-30 Bernard character changed, he’s now popular and is capable of going out with girls. Not to be sarcastic or anything but it’s like him being a jerk now. Maybe it’s the fact that he was considering himself ” nothing ” and once he got able to do something he couldn’t do for a while it made him super fool. Although when Bernard character is now more like romantic most of the time but it still raised a question that I might not understood from the reading.

From chapter 10-13 Bernard was mostly getting girls and dating here and there but it never mentioned that John is actually was doing the same not at any point ? This is not comparison but I just thought why does Bernard have to look like that person who is from one point of view “bad” even if he had a treatment or help to be normal again. Specially when he hears people telling him your a loser. On chapter 12 when he failed to call John out from the room he simply felt like angry and also when he hears people calling him a loser to deal with the situation he took some soma. Bad choice, Bernard revenge is huge step toward evil. John at other hand always refers to novels and plays when taking new actions like that time when he was sad about soma usage.
After all, I think those two characters can not be compared nor matched because it simply different.