Metropolis a story about a perfect world until what’s truly happening in the depths under the city comes to light to Freder a son to the masters of this “Metropolis”. The workers are the real soul of this place, they keep the Machine running and without their constant work it will fail. When a worker wasn’t able to keep up with the pace needed to keep everything in order there was an explosion hurting said worker, and causing damage to other works around him and the Machine. If the workers don’t maintain their pace the temperature will raise if that temperature rises beyond a set amount it will overheat. It was when Freder actually traded places with a worker was he able to see what harsh conditions they work under, especially the 10 hour work day. Rotwangs use of the Cyborg or robot to try and control the only sense of hope the workers have to cling to, to survive in their world was interesting. It shows how evil technology can be when used for the wrong things, or put in the wrong hands. He used the most advanced technology he created to take the place of Marie just to destroy the one thing the workers had remaining, hope. Rotwang became this way because of Heartbreak, proving one the most important there of the story. The head and the hands need the heart to work in unison. Without his Heart he lost his compassion, and it lead him down a path to create what he lost, and use it for evil.