After class discussion on the peer review on the Archive Project from last class, I have decided to make a little change onto my research. Instead of searching for words from each individual texts and films, I am going to research on the major key words from the whole genre of science fiction, and to explain why they are important to know. Examples for the major key words are androids, robots, aliens, parallel universe, time travel, technology, etc. It is very interesting to me because using these terms helps readers and film watchers to better understand science fiction. Plus, how can you call it science fiction without the use of its key words? The way how the creators of these key words use them is to show the predictions of what is going to happen in the real world.

According to the documentary How William Shatner Changed the World,¬†Shatner had described how the real world technology connects to the science fiction technology by using a classic Sci-Fi show Star Trek.¬†And of course, the major key word the documentary¬†used was technology.¬†He talked about how Martin Cooper, the inventor of¬†cell phone, was inspired by Star Trek of creating the cell phone. He also mentioned the Cooper did a comparison between the cell phone and the Star Trek Communicator. Another scene the documentary showed was when Star Trek influenced the people for the “notion of the user-friendly personal computer

There are multiple major key words that the authors used in their own books. The most interesting book I liked was Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, by Philip K. Dick. In this text, Philip used one of the major key words that is part of the genre, and that key word was android. He described how androids did not have emotions and that androids wanted to join the human world so that they can get emotions. However, Philip had mentioned that androids had emotions all along. For example, he wrote in the text that Rachael, one of the characters and an android, had feelings over Rick Deckard, the bounty hunter. Another example is when Philip wrote down in the text that Roy, leader of the androids, was upset and angry when he saw that Deckard killed his wife. He showed the readers that even though androids are machines on the inside, they still had emotions deep within themselves. In predictions to the real world, androids can be like us humans if we can give these androids what they want.

When it comes to creating Sci-Fi films, directors have been using the major key words to show the people that it is a science fiction film. There are three Sci-Fi films that I want to mention in this research project. The first film I shall mention is Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang. In this film, the major key word that Lang used was robot. Lang used a robot called The Machine Man to show that it can cause chaos and destruction. If someone like the creator¬†is not too careful with robots, then the next thing they will see is city burning and hearing robots saying “Destroy Humans! Destroy!” In the second film Alien directed by Ridley Scott, the key word that he used was alien. Scott used these aliens, called Xenomorphs, as a danger to the human race. What is problematic about the Xenomorphs is get more humans involved in this, and they will be dealing with more aliens. Anytime space travelers goes out to space, it is best for them to be keeping an eye on any living organisms that is abnormal. Finally, in the third film Back to the Future directed by Robert Zemeckis, the key word that he used was time traveling. Robert used a time machine that looks a car called DeLorean. With this time machine, anyone can go back time. People may have their chances of changing time if they mess up an event back in the past. This rate, other inventors would probably build a time machine when they get inspired by this film. These three films show that when¬†people watch science fiction, they would ask themselves “Is this going to happen in real life?” The only answer they should say to themselves is that only fate can tell.


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