The concept of a utopia and dystopia has been debated to this very day on how it is defined. Many see it as either the perfection of the world or as its ultimate downfall as a society. However, each person has their own view on what is good and bad for themselves and for society, therefore over time many different versions of what a utopia and dystopia are have come up. Even with these different visions you have a further divergence of personal views based on the countless people who imagine it. This leads to an almost endless number of possible utopias and dystopias based on each individual. Past this understanding if the fact that each person is affected by the present and as that moves away from the point in time they created this definition, it too will change. This change happens because the worlds constantly changes, every event small and large creates an effect that is felt by people. This creates newer versions of utopia and dystopia in direct response to these changing times. The reason being that utopian and dystopian literature is anchored to the real world to create visions of what it might become, if society follows a certain path.
Society is made up by individuals, these individuals are indirectly linked to each other by necessity. The work that one does affects the other, and that other affect someone else by providing a service. Society is a chain of events, each link supports the next and is required to maintain the rest. Therefore, if an individual doesn’t see the world the same way others do, it leads to conflict and break downs in the link. This overtime, if allowed to spread, would cause a complete collapse in any system, particularly a social one. The end goal for each person would lead to a different point and creates a disharmony within the society. Particularly, if each person has their own method of trying to achieve their personal utopia. So, by logic utopia should be a communal vision that all of society should strive for together. However as seen in the real world even with good intentions, evil can come and take over. Dystopias are by many accounts failed utopian visions that were carried out incorrectly or allowed to be taken over by less righteous. The whole notion of dystopia is to show that human nature is powerful and flawed. They do not seek to make a world perfect for everyone as utopias do, their goal is to show reality that may come fourth if individuals do not work together.

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