Research / topics:

  • 3D Printing clothing. It can be said that 3D printing tech has been used plenty in the creation of clothing recently. The thing is that most of it is not practical or are things most people wouldn’t wear today. Now there are companies like Nike / adidas that are putting 3D printing technology to practical uses in Fashion. THey design a shoe, test it, take notes, print a new one with the changes and test it again. This can be done multiple times within hours or days. A process that in the infancy of Nike could have taken months or even years between testing a shoe and sending their notes and changes to factories to produce.
    • I think this is a predictor of the future of the fashion industry. A time where we’ll be able to wear fitted products that are tailor made for us and our bodies.
    • Improved performance from these products since every piece of equipment is produced specifically for your body.
    • A new industry of custom clothing. Similar to the old days of leather workers, weavers, iron smiths, etc… but now with those who know how to create or design 3D printed items. They’ll be the new artisan movement.
  • Virtual worlds are a topic in science fiction. Maybe virtual reality or another form called augmented reality. Now in the fashion industry we are seeing more and more tech. (NFC) are chips embedded in many of our products today. When you wave your phone over these chips you get information about the product. It’s a way for us to be more connected with the things we love but it also raises issues of privacy as with most tech. The idea that the industry or government is always keeping track of what we do, what we buy and how we spend our money. There really is not privacy now.
  • Fashion shows have always been very secretive and selective about who attends because they want to keep their world exclusive to only the wealthiest and the people who are influencers in the industry. Virtual reality can and will change that. Companies are creating 3D models of people who model virtual 3D clothing. They can create entire virtual fashion shows that you’d be able to attend from the comfort of your home, and be able to get perfect views of every style and get as close as you want. Something you would never be able to do even if you attended a real show.
  • Materials for creating clothing haven’t changed that much in thousands of years. Natural fibers like cotton, leathers, metals, etc… other than maybe synthetic materials from the last few decades like nylon. Now this is changing. Very rapidly over the last few years we’re seeing very high tech materials like 3D materials I mentioned before, and others like materials that can repair themselves or that are hydrophobic, or that are in all essence alive. By this I mean that the material is made of living organisms like bacteria. These materials will be able to repair and re-organize themselves when damaged. Fabrics you can cut multiple times and still have no holes in. These are things that were never thought possible in the past.

In science fiction we see examples of how the fashion of sci-fi worlds in film are influenced by ideas of what we’ll wear in the future but also the past and the here and now. Updates on current trends, and even the use of classic pieces like trench coats that are seen in movies like Blade runner, and the matrix. Worlds like that in the show Firefly even show how the western world isn’t the only fashion influencer by demonstrating future fashion that’s inspired by Asian culture.
Still have a lot of research to add here that I’ve done.  Also coming up with conclusions of my own. What I’ve noticed is that I really love seeing all of the new technology that is being developed for fashion in the real world.