Technology advancements is an evil risk that can wipe humanity out of the face of earth. We have been well organized and created the laws and followed orders to stabilize the nations and to serve all humans existence on earth. All of that can go away with a smile mistake humans are making. According to (August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains) humans created an evil machines that will function with out us one day. It is since Fiction but it can trigger a truth behind it.

August 2026 is not just about a machine that function with no body around. It’s not just a house that is controlled by man made machine but it’s about what can that machine do with out a human super vision. It functions with out the need of any human around it. And since its a machine it distinguish nothing about what’s a life and what’s not. The way how it treats live things makes it and evil practice. However, this short story can predict the future we are facing if things go wrong.

After all, I think this book is there to makes us think about what we can do to prevent any mistakes humans are making in out advancements.