1. I’m interested in exploring how human behave in a post- apocalyptic/dystopian setting, as a means of survival.
  2. I’m fascinated with the psychology of a dystopian world.
  3. It can be said, whenever our survival is at risk, living beings are instinctively triggered into survival mode.
  4. Survival mode, however, isn’t only a manifested state of fear, or primal terror of death, but a human behavior to cope with a fearful reality.
  5. Whenever fear of survival becomes a subject of living, human beings behave in a manner out of fear and confusion, inevitably eliminating morality and ethics.
  6. For example, The Walking Dead, and many other apocalyptic fiction, forces us to examine the extreme behavior humans are capable of under extreme circumstances.
  7. More or less, in extreme stressful situation, people often do things they didn’t believe they were capable of in order to survive.
  8. Besides, the human mind is an important aspect to explore when writing apocalyptic text.
  9. Remember, every person is unique and handle situations differently.
  10. In theory, we are biologically designed to survive by all means necessary, in a broad sense to continue the protection of life.


For the reason my proposal was difficult to understand, I was advised to list my topic proposal idea into details, rather than it being constructed in a paragraph format. By doing this, I was able to grasp a better understanding of my topic, as well as, create more concrete questions that will extend my main focus. As a result, I was able to construct the following question to enhance my topic on Human Behavior in Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian setting. These question are: Do people personality change when placed in a life threatening setting? How would ethics, morality, and perception evolve in a world centered on Post-apocalyptic destruction? If people were born into a dystopian society where survival is priority, how would they behave?

Ultimately, the more research I do, the clearer my topic comes together. And though, I feel I’m back on the right track after my minor derailment, I fear I will get off topic moving forward in the project. There is many sources to support my topic, still I’m worried I will confuse fluff sources with credible sources. In the end, I’m concern it will complicate the reader’s point of view on what I’m trying to convey, therefore I need help keeping focus on the topic.

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