Well, so far after researching for my project, which is the connection between the androids and African Americans, the sources that I found were proven to be very informative. After reading some of sources I found, they appear to be a satisfaction for my project. Some sources are considered to be strong to my main topic, while others are just either sub point or background info. For that matter, I shall go over what these citations are and why do they prove to be useful to me.

MLA Citations:

1st Source: A Brief History of Jim Crow.‚ÄĚ Constitutional Rights Foundation, http://www.crf-usa.org/black-history-month/a-brief-history-of-jim-crow

This citation talks about how black people have been gone through their lives over the Jim Crow Laws. It discuss how the law started and what it effects to the white and black people. It is said that it was a bad experience for the black people as they were not treated the same as the white people were treated. The black people tried their hardest of fighting back against segregation, but as they kept on going, their situation keeps on getting worst for them. This source is useful to me because it emphasizes the connection between androids and African Americans. In which case, this citation shall be part of my main point.


2nd Source:¬†Bosch, Torie. ‚ÄúThe Android Head of Philip K. Dick.‚ÄĚ The Slate Book Review, 1 June 2012, http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/books/2012/06/philip_k_dick_robot_an_android_head_of_the_science_fiction_author_is_lost_forever_.html

This citation is about a creation of the author’s head¬†which could possibly lead to a future where androids do what humans do on their lives. Unfortunately, there was a graduate student that had disagreed upon androids becoming like humans. He would give reasons why the androids shouldn’t do exactly¬†what¬†humans always do and he still wouldn’t be able to trust¬†them as well.¬†What makes this source useful is that the fact people don’t really trust androids which is similar to white people not trusting black people. Citation like¬†this would consider to be a¬†counter-argument.


3rd Source: Lavender III, Isiah. Race in American Science Fiction. Indiana University Press, 2011

This source is an informative book that talks about how some Science Fiction novels are representing racism. It goes over some of the Science Fiction key terms and how they got the idea of these words because of racial implementation. It gives the idea to the people that some characters ,that are in Science Fiction, are¬†imaginations of who they really are. It can be useful in my presentation because¬†the¬†word “race” is an important term for the connection between androids and African Americans.¬†Also, since race is involved with Science Fiction, that means there is a representation with the androids. Therefore, this source¬†is considered¬†to be background info.


4th Source: Dinello, Daniel. Technophobia!: Science Fiction Visions of Posthuman Technology. University of Texas Press, 2005

This source is somewhat similar to the 3rd source; however, the only difference is that it talks out how the androids were enslaved. It discusses on a certain text where androids were forced to do exactly as what the creator orders them to do. It is the way how androids were treated before they escaped from their creator. This is useful because blacks were also enslaved. They have experience the same problems of being enslaved as the androids were. This citation is also to be a background info.


5th Source:¬†Burks, Robin. ‚ÄúHow AMC’s ‘Humans’ Breaks The Sci-Fi Mold: A Look Ahead To The Season Finale.‚ÄĚ Tech Times, 15, August, 2015¬† http://www.techtimes.com/articles/76705/20150815/how-amcs-humans-breaks-the-sci-fi-mold-a-look-ahead-to-the-season-finale.htm

This article discuss about a show series and why this is so important to Science Fiction. It goes over about androids getting their chances of experiencing humanity thanks to their creator. The article shows that if the androids kept on learning reality, people would then that androids are not terrifying as they think they are. This source is useful because it gives the androids the opportunity to prove themselves that they are not dangerous. Similar to where as the African Americans, they proved to the white people that they are not a threat to them. For this source, it is a sub point to the main point.


6th Source:¬†Nishime, LeiLani. ‚ÄúThe Mulatto Cyborg: Imagining a Multiracial Future.‚ÄĚ Cinema Journal, 2005

Finally, in this source, it talks about cyborgs and their mixture of racial. The article goes over the details where the cyborgs are like white and black ancestry. In other words, people can imagine cyborgs being part of a world where there is a race between them and humans. This is useful because when it comes to race, there is a big difference between the two people of who they are. Just like with the cyborgs and humans we discussed before, or for the African Americans, you would have a race of white and black people. This is considered to be a background info.