It’s most certain that false info can change once attitude toward something. Ricks fear of the last andriod or actually not the last but the andriod he believes to be hardest then all the others. Roy already had a criminal record that would make anyone scares but it shouldn’t of had scared Rick who is supposed to be the real bounty hunter ( 185 ). Ricks most info came from Rachel who is presenter as the helper and the person with knowledge about all andriods created by the Comoany. When ricks search or even mention any questions regarding andriods Rachel would help him( 188, 189) and also made him relize that he could be better some how. Ricks actions toward Rachel predicted the true nature of humans trusty. While Rachel at the end was only there to play Rick and make him never kill an Andy ever after. Her way of doing that was simply by making him generate feelings for her then mating with him ( 191).

Comes up a word of honor and an act of respect, ricks reaction ship with his self made him run into an internal conflict. He wasn’t able to retire Pris because she’s very identical to the lady ricks have feelings for. Which also happens to be very important at ricks life. A replica created to stop bounty hunters from doing their assigned job by those who are not following the law of the land( 195 ). Rick emotions toward Rachel made him forget about what’s real and what’s not. It made him forget about what’s allowed and what’s not. He mentioned he would marry her if it’s allowed ( 197 ) but then the case is not if its allowed or not. The real issue is how could he think to marry an andriod who can not feel, act or reproduce like his own kind. When he found out he was unable to retire her as his feelings was already deep( 201 ).

At another point empathy and emotions in andriods is not real. It could never be real at any point the androids that lived in johns Appartment or at least were in his Appartment were acting unhuman which is actually the first time in the book that it mentions andriods being different then humans directly( 206 ). Humans do bot hurt animals as animals are sacred and very important to apperciate the life they are dropped into at that era ” Pris climbed out another leg”( 206) the andriod Pris is questioning why a spider has eight legs and she decides to make them only four legs. To find out what real and what’s not real in this Appartment this can explain a lot the girl is an andriod and ricks later found out with out doing any tests for them because their actions already spoke for them.

In conclusion, there is nothing certain about realism in Philips book. Beyond doubts it’s generally a master piece that broughts up the inside if humans togather. The main idea that can distinguish andys and humans is empathy and realism.