Blade runner is an awsome movie that I liked, however there is no main similarities between the book Do Android Dream Of Electric Sheep ? And the movie Blade Runner. It is like as if this is a totally different story while the book is also a different story. For example, there was a tv show in the book where it actually made a turning point in the whole story. It was the melting point of the escalating events that occurred. Blade runner in particular has no Buster Friendly or mercerism conflict within.

The idea of the kampoff test was not similar to the one in the book. Or at least I expected the test to be something highly important. It seemed like in the movies it’s just questions randomized to ask robots where actually the androids are not similar to the books characterized andys. The book made the test more interesting by simulating the event happening before and after the test. Preparations, important and plot of the situations makes it very important thing once done all eyes and ears are to be open in full capacity during that moment.

Despite the fact that characters are different and events are mostly different then the book. There was a strange idea where one Andy wanted to expand its life time (1:22:00 – 1:24:00). During the same event in the book I saw no relation to an Andy obsessed with life time except for once or twice mentioning a life time of four years in the book. However it’s a little different in here because the Andy actually wants to expand the time range of its living time.
In conclusion, I believe many things were different that distinguish the book from the movie but mostly the main idea is similar and is to be looked it very deeply.