My general knowledge I would say has improved when I look at science fiction text from before I stepped foot into the class until now. I actually want to write a science fiction novel, and I’ve been working on it in my creative writing class. The readings and discussions have opened my mind so I notice a lot more when doing my own personal readings, the many ideas were thrown around in class have to lead me to conclusions I would have never come to myself just analyzing the text. I’m actually grateful for the many different ideas my classmates bring up during our discussions I have learned a lot even strengthened my vocabulary from listening to them speak and articulate their ideas. I have to say every class there’re an interesting subject people have very different interpretations of that leave me with a better understanding when I leave the room. I have also learned a lot more about science fiction as a whole in general, through in class discussions and my own out of class research. The Idea of a Utopia, dystopia and Utopian work I never thought about or even really read about I found very interesting, and the work we have done makes me want to read more books about the concept. I would also like to try and tie it into the story I’ve been developing for a while now giving it an interesting setting. The way we have learned to critically analyze work I can use in just about any subject especially how you taught us a different way of writing essays by putting the thesis in the conclusion. I found that very interesting and makes the writing a whole lot easier if you use your ideals to build the thesis last after finding the proof. I haven’t actually been in a writing class in almost 3 years since I can’t into college with all my English credits already, taking these classes has woken up the writer in me. I have to relearn a lot to improve my writing abilities, it’s a slow process so far but I’m making noticeable progress I think. After I graduate I will be doing a lot of critical analysis on reports, and writing reports as well especially on new technology and implementing them in projects I will be building, so I have gained a new understanding of analysis. I would hope to continue to pick up more techniques when it comes to critical analysis of text, and annotation techniques. I also would like to learn more about the writing process for science fiction, I always wondered how long does it take for someone in the field to create the many special places or these wonderful ideas. For example, the entire concept of the force in Star Wars, or designs and explanations behind each space ship and how it travels. They give a strong and intelligent basis for space travel and light speed that makes me wonder did they have to learn Rocket science just to write up designs and explanations on why this particular spaceship flies as fast as it does. I believe it takes a long time to write these worlds and stories into life so I hope we can maybe cover the process and the time it takes to get to the finished product. The two books and previous readings we have done has actually helped me on a group project I’m doing in another class basically, it deals with the pros and cons of giving Androids or Artificial intelligence human emotion. Using the work, we have read and discussed I was able to easily throw ideas around to help direct which stance we should have and give some insight to possibilities of what a future could hold with such technology and how humanity might react to it. Also, I would hope you give us a list of a few books to check out when the semester ends, something to read to help us understand more about science fiction writing. Coming into the class I could say I didn’t know much about science fiction writing, but I did love reading it and I had ideas for my own stories set in a distant time on distant planets. Now I have a new found understanding of the process and the hidden symbols and ideals you can throw into your work. As the semester carries on I hope I will absorb as much as possible and become a better writer for it.