So it is that time for the rest of the semester to continue on till its last final days. If there is one thing I can find it funny, it’s that time is going really fast. But no matter what, I will always find this class to be interesting. Before I came into this class, I have seen Science Fiction movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Avengers, etc.¬†¬†As I seen those movies, I always define Science Fiction as a make believe story that is filled with technology, space and aliens. However, when I got into this course in the first day, I just got myself in a whole new experience of Science Fiction.

Through the times I’ve been with this class, I’ve begun to learn¬†new things about Science Fiction. What I liked about the course is that when you read or watch anything that is part of Science Fiction, in some scenes, they actually have meanings. In other words, you have to understand what the main idea of the story is and what¬†the¬†details in the story¬†mean. For example, back when we were¬†reading a text called “Brave New World,” we, the readers, have been discussing on who the characters are in the story and what their lives are like in the future. The way how we understand what this book means is when we have to know what certain key terms the book uses to describe¬†its¬†important quotes. The thing that makes our discussion interesting is when we do¬†a reasonable explanation of what the book means. We would first have to know what kind of questions the book has in stored for us readers. After that, we would answer¬†the question by knowing which quote you had to read that goes along with¬†that question, and when we use the quote, we then explained what that means and how it answers the question. So the fact of what makes this course interesting is knowing what Science Fiction truly means.

Although that learning more things about Science Fiction can be really good for you future knowledge, it can sometimes be a bit more challenging. But as I kept on moving forward in this course, it actually helped me solve some problems I had. For example, I didn’t really get on how you were suppose to find important details as you keep on reading the text. But I learned that in order to find the important details, you have to keep on focusing on the text, read carefully and know which details best supports to the topic of the book. Another example is when I ever find the details in the text, it was so hard to know what that detail means that it was difficult for me to explain it. During our discussion, before when we dealt with the texts, they had said that in order to really know what the details mean, you would have to read it again and annotate it to understand the details better. Things I had to learn can be rough, but as I put my mind into this course, it gives me strength to not deal with any kinds of stress.

Not only did this course help me¬†gain experience with Science Fiction, but¬†it¬†also gave me some new ideas that I never thought of. For example, they taught to me that there was one major key term that every Science Fiction text have in common. And that key term is “Hierarchy .” The reason why is because I¬†have known a bunch of Science Fictions and I didn’t realize that there was a certain term makes all¬†texts related to one another.¬†¬†At first I never knew what hierarchy was from the beginning of the class. But as I continue with the other texts we’ve gone over, it started to make sense to me. So if I see another book or movie that is Science Fiction, I would then notice where does hierarchy come into action.

With this kind of knowledge, I would start on¬†analyzing every time I read or watch anything that involves Science Fiction.¬†What I would do whenever I read a Science Fiction book is going over the details as I read the text. Maybe I would take out my notes and write down the important details after I annotate the quotes. As for watching movies that are Science Fiction, first thing I have to do is enjoy the movie and of course, know what’s going on. But if I see the movie again, then I would just analyze it and pause in scenes that can be meaningful. After I analyze and write down some notes from the Science Fiction movie, same thing with reading the text, I would ask myself “What does this have to relate to the real world? Could this be a potential of what’s going to happen in the future?”

What I expect to see in the rest of this semester is knowing what other kind of Science Fiction topics I’m gonna learn besides the text that involves robots. I hope to see some aliens be part of a text.¬†Also, I would love to see if there is another movie I have to watch like how I watched Blade Runner. So I hope to see some more interesting ideas with Science Fiction than before!