ENG 2420: Science Fiction

City Tech, Fall 2016

My First Experience at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Hello folks! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and started this week with the right foot. Yesterday, I had the pleasure to attend the Book Festival which was my first book event in New York City that I have assisted to. The event was developed in Brooklyn Borough Hall and Plaza and counted with the participation of several bookstores, libraries, and publishers from the city as well as from other states. They gathered together to present some of their new book releases, introduce new authors, show the work of many famous authors and also introduce themselves to the people and their mission in the literary industry. Every stand displayed and sold books of diverse variety such as fiction, non-fiction, comics and graphic novels, poetry, youth and children, and international books among others. There were several talks and workshops dictated by the members of St. Francis College, the Brooklyn Law School and the Congregation of Mt. Sinai. They explored interesting titles such as “how to help readers discover your book”, “the search of the discussible book”, and “Wanderlust and the search for meaning”.  There were also several stands and a particular one that I found interesting was the Ploughshares Solos publishers from Boston. The company’s mission is to publish the work of authors whose writing does not fit in a print journal. They dedicate their passion to publish stories, essays and novellas in long format digitally as eBooks and at the same time they introduce new authors to thousand of bookworms around the world. I definitely enjoyed this new experience for me and I was so glad to see the amount of people who, just as me, have a passion towards books and literature. I am looking forward for more festivals to come to New York City. I CAN’T WAIT!Brooklyn Book Festival

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  1. Joselin, it’s wonderful that you attended Brooklyn Book Festival and got so much out of it! Thanks for posting here, and also including a photo. If you’re blogging for extra credit, remember that you should provide a detailed & thoughtful reflection of the Science Fiction talk (at 5pm). You can see my post for more information: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/belli-f2016-eng2420/this-sunday-science-fiction-event-at-brooklyn-book-festival-extra-credit-opportunity/

    [Also, I realized that there was no category to choose, so I went in and made one and change your post to be categorized appropriately 🙂 ]

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