In next few chapters you find out that Bernard is actually the most “Human” out of his peers, based on his reactions to specific events and how he takes things that happen to him.  The place you see this the strongest would be when Bernard and Lenina travel to the reservation and encounter people still living under the old ways, people not part of their “Ford”. Bernard’s reaction to everything that they witnessed was of someone who was interested in the way of life, while Lenina’s was of disgust and fear. While Lenina questioning how people could live like this Bernard seemed to not even be phased by their lifestyle. “they’ve been doing it for the last five or six thousand years. So i suppose they must be used to it by now”. His tone is of someone who is more accepting of their nature, while Lenina is more denouncing. Another interesting exchange was when they both encountered the Elder of the reservation Lenina saw something she could barely comprehend, while Bernard saw someone who was just old. “That’s because we don’t allow them to be like that. We preserve them from diseases. We keep their internal secretions artificially balanced at a youthful equilibrium. We don’t permit their magnesium-calcium ratio to fall below what it was at thirty. We give them transfusion of young blood. We keep their metabolism permanently stimulated. So, of course they don’t look like that, Partly”. Lenina didn’t want to listen to his explanation because to her the sight was enough to distract her from the truth, her “conditioning” won’t let her. Bernards inability to fit in and “conform” is because he still thinks he doesn’t let his brainwashing control his thoughts on situations. Another Situation where Bernard showed his different personality from his peers was in the Director’s office, he was threatened with a transfer is he doesn’t conform and stop with his “lapse from a proper standard of infantile decorum”. They want him to conform and be the alpha he was conditioned to be. Bernard took this threat like it didn’t matter “Bernard left the room with a swagger, exulting as he banged the door behind him, in the thought that he stood alone, embattled against the order of things”. Bernard is by far the most Human character, in a story of Programed conditioned cyborgs.