Hey all, this week we watched “Blade Runner” a film based of the book ” Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep”. To be honest my favorite part about this film was the amazing settings, with its constant advertisements, Asian culture in the city and  futuristic steam punk look in 2019 Los Angeles. Besides that I found the character Roy Batty to be the second most interesting part. In the book we don’t get to see much of Roy until near the end of the book, but in the movie we get a bigger role as an antagonist from him. Every time Roy appeared on screen we learned a little more about what it means to be alive. Roy shows us that being alive isn’t about physiological details, but how  he desires the more out of life from his new and old memories.

Before we actually saw Roy, we learn that Androids are capable of becoming human like and that is through human experience.  When Rick first begins his bounty hunt we learn that androids are controlled by limiting their life spans.

“They were designed to copy human beings in every way except their emotions. The designers reckoned that after after a few years they might develop their own emotional responses. You know, hate, love, fear, anger, eny. So they built in a a fail-safe device.”(14:00)

The movie’s characters don’t disregard the androids potential to being humans as much as they do in the book.  In the film we see android’s are dehumanized by not allowing them the long life that a human would be given. The desire to live is what makes them human here, coming all the way to earth in order to increase their life span. The film is more specific with what makes them human by not concerning over empathy but desire.

When Roy Batty appears we see a human quality in his strive to survive. Roy tends to act like a sociopath, he barely shows love for others, his biggest concern is the androids life, which is how can he survive pass the four year life span? Roy made it his quest to come to earth and find Tyrell his maker. When Roy speaks to his maker he soon learns that nothing can be done when Tyrrell shares with him that “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And you have burned so very brightly, Roy. Look at you. Your the prodigal son Your quite a prize.”(1:25:30) Here we see the creator Tyrell acknowledging Roy’s four year existence, and that he should be satisfied with the life he ‘s lived. I also feel that since Roy is approaching his end, he is going through something similar to one of the stages of death, specifically denial and bargaining. Roy wants to avoid death as much as he can and even hopes to extend his life. At the end he accepts what happens entering a state similar to that of depression and acceptance.

When Roy speaks his last word, we see a love for life that humans can have, which is connected to himself and everything he has experienced. After Roy and Rick face off he doesn’t end his life but rather speaks his mind giving us more insight in what this maturing android is thinking. He say’s “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulders of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tanhnhauser gate. All those memories will be lost in time like tears in rain. Time to die.”(1:46:00) Here we see Roy isn’t just a crazy killing robot, but a being who truly loves his life and only wants to keep it going. Roy fears death, and he doesn’t want to be forgotten, he has experienced things no one can imagine and he truly loves his memories. This emotional strife shows that Roy had so much potential to grow into being a human, if only he could live longer.