In the beginning of the semester my greatest misunderstanding was differentiating science fiction from fantasy. At first thought it’s believed science fiction and fantasy went hand in hand. Being both are manifestations of the creative mind of the creator of the story. Also, both genres bring life to imaginative, out of the world fiction. However, midway into the semester I’m able to see the difference between science fiction and fantasy. I now understand science fiction portrays technologic and scientific advances as a way of life. Whether that advance in culture provided the ideal haven or an apocalyptic province, science fiction is very versatile in a sense of creating worlds based on systematic formations in theoretical fiction. On the other hand, fantasy has a supernatural twist on reality in terms of being abstract fiction. Overall, both science fiction and fantasy are genres that break the rules of reality sending its reader to an imaginative world of great wonder.

Even so, half way through the semester, we’ve read two science fiction novels, a number of short stories, and watched collections of film, and the common link is all had to do with world building and the hierarchy of civilization. I understand the world building and cultural advances play a huge part in science fiction, however for a long time I’ve always believed space age and creature creations (such as genetic freaks, monsters and zombies), was an important factor in the genre. It would be interesting to analyze science fiction in another light outside of cultural standards and cybernetic control. More or less, it will be great to focus on text such as “The War of the Worlds” or “The Time Machine,” just to get a group perspective on these cult classics, among others. All things considered the text reviewed half way through the semester had been enlightening in understanding human standards and what it is to be human.

Furthermore, up to this point the new ideas encountered has to do with science fiction being more than an imaginative conception of humankind. In fact, the dynamics of science fiction alters the way simple ways of a mundane world. The ability to introduce worldly possibilities into modern era is amazing, in the sense of making known to what if and what could be. Any person with an imagination could be compelled by the realistic possibilities of science fiction. Generally speaking, we live in a technological advanced society where things are simpler and useful. Majority of the world’s population rely on the convenience of technology, Science fiction embraces the philosophy that technological advances will improve society and human development. Actually, the reason I enjoy science fiction is because it sheds light on realism of human behavior surrounding their setting and situation.

In the hospitality industry, we are constantly dealing with many personalities, in addition to continuous change in settings. The mantra of the hospitality goes “to provide experience,” with that said the challenge is how can I as an individual motivate a team, at the same time provide the best experience for a nonstop rotation of people. This is an example of world building because my decision-making will determine the outcome of a small population’s happiness. Therefore, understanding human behavior and their perspectives in different scenarios is vital in hospitality. What’s more, while hierarchy is significant in science fiction, in term of hospitality that ideology is out the window. For the reason hospitality is to treat everyone as equals no matter the social status or classification, hierarchy is seen as belittling to an individual. With that said, I think this way of thinking changes the standards of world building. Instead of having a world of status and social dysfunction, everyone is equal, manifestly ridding society of ego, and later advocate the achievement for peace.

Moving forward into the semester I hope to study further into science fiction in the sense of learning how to create text-based on the genre. It’ll be a fun challenge to create a science fiction text using all I learned midway into the semester. Also, I want to challenge my understanding how to maintain a society using free will, and individuality as a focus in a social order. Moreover, it’ll be interesting to see science fiction outside of utopian/dystopian text. Instead it’ll be enriching to study science fiction using space age text, as well as focusing on science fiction in our world today, and the effects it has on our society. I believe observing science fiction around us will stimulate our understanding of the genre.