science fiction is a topic that interests me the most.  I certainly can apply so much discrediting topics about science fiction and it will still look so much good in my visions. The reason why science fiction is intersting to me is the fact that science fiction have been always the futuristic topic that everyone should of thought about and recognized a while ago. I admit that before I took this class i had something else in my mind. In fact i never knew what is a science fiction exactly because I had never experienced something that is called science fiction. Although i have been loving anything related to science fiction before I knew what is science fiction. It is almost mid semester and we have gone through a lot of science fiction topics, books, and movies that would perfectly idealize the relations between novels and movies in relation to science fiction. While it is so much hard to make a movie that is one hundred percent similar to any novel, movies watched during this semester were actually similar to its novels in a very close steps. I believe I have learned a lot during the first half of this semester. What really bothers me is each time I try too hard to to write a good blog post but It really got me no where, I never received a full credit for any blog post up to know.  The reason why I do no get full credit varies from One blog to another. However, it is just the same to me since what ever is the reason it got me no full credit.

What makes science fiction interesting ? Lets just say it is the adventures written in each book. Each book has something that makes it better then the other, but what really interests me is no book had not been about an adventure. It seems like as if all science fiction books are actually falling into the adventure genera, I could be wrong but it is what I am thinking at least at the moment. Brave new world, the Machine Stops, Metropolis and many others that we read had some sort of an adventure on it. I am concluding that Science fiction actually means futuristic adventures. On one point it is adventures and on the other hand it always been about the future. I have never seen a science fiction novel that took place in the same year or decade as the time it’s written on. Basically it is like saying ” this is whats going to happen in the future.

Many more factors that involves me concluding that adventure and science fiction are a two faces of a coin money is the value of the text written in those novels. Usually to write something about the future you must amuse the reader by making everything futuristic, even if you have to break some divine rules to succeed. An example of what I mean, When I read the first science fiction novel I noticed that everything in the book is futuristic in the novel except the novel itself. I do not mean the writer should of wrote his book in an eBook in the 1900’s hundred where eBook had never existed but I mean he should of changed the written rules at least. Or Stopped/ignored The MLA etc formats used in writing any texts at this time. More to add, science fiction writers should of made a different writing method then what we use in our modern literature.

Last point to say, it is know almost passed the mid term time for this class and until know I knew a lot of things that can be or not be important to my writing skills. However it is very important When it come to my research and reading skills. I read books know and i understand points just by looking at them, I remember a while back i could not even read the book as I do not understand its content. The machine stops for example, i had no idea what the story about until i heard from the professor in class. I read it once and twice and I thought it is about a space ship somewhere far from the destroyed earth. when i heard it in class it turned out to be a machine under the ground of the same earth that was destroyed by idiots who love wars.  Anyway, by the time I read brave new world i was already understanding so much things that made me realized reading is a good skill that i should carry on in my life.