City Tech, Fall 2016


Metropolis is an interesting film created by Fritz Lang in 1927. As soon as the film begins questions pop up in your head. You immediately see two different worlds. Metropolis is a big advanced city. Poor laborers and their families live underneath the city while the rich lives in the city. The beginning of metropolis was very intense because I as a viewer was trying to learn who, what, where is Metropolis. As the film began to climax it became more predictable. For example, Maria was speaking to the workers in secret standing in front of multiple crosses.  This scene caused me to question where is the church for the workers seeing as the rich have a nice beautiful church. When she began to speak you could tell that she was trying to calm the workers. She begins to tell the story of babel and you can see in it that she does not want the fate of Metropolis to end in that way. In her speech to the workers she says, “The mediator between head and hands must be the heart” (55:42). As the film goes on you see that this means that the brain cannot deal with the hand peacefully and vice versa without the heart. Without the heart the hand and head causes more disruption to themselves and others.

I would compare this to technology and people. As technology is developed in the world the heart has to be involved because technology must not be more important than the well being of people, animals, and the earth.  Technology is built that can harm people, animals, and the earth and people use innocent technology to do hateful and mean things. An example of using technology for evil was through the Rowang who developed a robot to hurt Metropolis master Joh and in turn almost ruined a whole city. Technology should definitely not be used that why. I could see that faith and compassion is important to have in Metropolis.

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  1. Sky Captaina - Alex S

    Technology is a tool and like all tools its purpose is given when used and by who uses it. For instance the android Maria was not evil in nature, she followed orders from Rotwang who wished harm to Fredersen’s city and son. It is the same as a firearm, it can be used to defend someone or hunt for food, or it can be used to control and harm. It is the duty of the user to prevent evil and others around them to stop them if needed. However this technology of the machine-man seems to have come out of nowhere, it does not appear to have any prototypes that may have been before this one. This means that there was no way to tell of it’s danger or what it could do. This is the same as the first atom bomb and later use of it, until it killed people and destroyed cities there was little information on the amount of harm it could do. Also the people allowed themselves to be turned into mad animals that followed their new master as she wished(1:37:33) That was one thing that bothered me about the film, i understood why the workers would follow her but why would the upper class go so mad over her? Yes she was pretty and was interesting to watch, but not to the point where people would fight over her or kill themselves(1:37:00). This of course could be done to emphasize that she draws out the seven deadly sins as she did in her first show (1:33:34). And it does seem that the upper class do not really have a care in the world and could be easily swayed into doing just about anything for a good time. Much like when they went into the light-less city to watch” the end of the world”(2:09:25) and have a good time doing it.

    Anyway long story short Tech is not evil people are evil and good, and anything can be called evil or good. You can say it was needed you can find a reason why you had to do evil for the good of others. And so long as those for who you did good for have power then you are also good and those who see as evil so long as they have no power can not touch you. So make strong allies, they will then prove that you are right or wrong.

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