Hey team welcome back! This week we saw the great sci fi epic Metroplis from 1927. Its a very old movie from before they could capture sound so we are given a nice orchestra, exaggerated acting to substitute for words and decent special effects.

Metropolis starts off giving us a quote “The mediator between brain and hands must be the heart” which will be repeated multiple times through out the film.┬áMetropolis is a huge city, we are first introduced to the working class who does ten hour shifts and works until near collapse. They have the workers city which is under the earths surface. Above is the grand city of Metroplis where only the elite live. This split in society causes tension towards main character Frederson as he sees his own fellow citizens must suffer in order to keep his privileged lifestyle going. Fredersen takes on the role of Mediator hoping to unite ┬ásociety as one. One theme i soon stated to pick upon was that the different economic classes must unite.

Fredersens father is the master of the city and was even called “The Brain of the city” (24:02). Its shown that he shares no sympathy for the working class when stating “People who built this city with their hands is the hand, they are underground where they belong” (24:33). Frederson JR shows concern and quickly hopes to understand these people by working along side them. ┬áAs he begins to fulfill the role of Mediator its made clear that he must take on the role of the heart. At the end of the movie he succeeds in doing so by helping Grot the controller of the machine heart, and Frederson the leader of this city hold hands in unity and creating peace. I see him being the only candidate able to do so as the son of the most elite he has connection to power, but because of his young age and soft personality he is able ┬áto sympathize for the working class. The theme of the working and leading class uniting for a better future plays out well, without unity their society would have easily fallen apart.

Another thing featured heavily on the movie is Biblical allusions. We do not really know if most people are religious in Metropolis but its obvious that the working class follows religious traditions of attending mass and waiting for a mediator to come save them all. Its very similar to Christianity and we are even shown some croses. The story also shows a biblical allusion of of how the anti Christ would arrive ( 1:07) The scene right after is the finishing touches of the Machine Man who will soon go off to destroy society. The machine man follows the old biblical story giving it a twist of its own being an android and all. The use of Bible scriptures in this setting was very interesting as it estranges the old story’s i knew so well into a futuristic setting. Th machine Mans end goal was to further create tension between the Hand and Brain of society.

By the end of it all The heart has mediated and brought together the hand and brain. It was a fun movie with probably one of my new favorite villains. anyways goodnight guys.