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The Connection between fashion and Science fiction. Focusing on movies primarily because of the visual elements of course. How science fiction has influenced fashion and vice versa. First example that came to mind was that of Starwars and the robes that everyone wears. Very loose fitting clothing etc. That compared to examples of streetwear seen today. The long hemline loose t-shirts, the long hoodies, and jackets the baggy jogger pants, the use of earth tones or simple colors like black and white. Many high-end fashion brands sell this style clothing and sell it with rips, and stains, and give it that used look. This look with the colors can be influenced or inspired by films like Starwars, Mad Max, and The Matrix. Two of which show post-apocalyptic worlds where the inhabitants have ripped and dirty clothing and everyone wears very simple colors. In some films like back to the future, demolition man, robocop, and blade runner, the clothing in the films is inspired by trends going on in the time periods. Most were filmed in the 80’s and the costume choices depict that. What I wanna explore is how has science fiction and fashion influenced each other. How has the technology in science fiction books / films has been integrated, in the real world regarding clothing, and technology that’s being developed for fashion in the future.
My second idea was to explore the relationship between concept art and science fiction. Concept art is visual illustration of an idea. Concept art is used in every form of art. If you have a book, an illustrator can interpret that books concept as he thinks it would look. They design plans for non-existent cities, they visualize how a creature might look, they design the clothing a society would wear, the weapons they use, the vehicles they drive, etc… What I would be exploring is how these ideas are for the concept art of films, and stories is developed. What goes into it, the research, whether it’s based on reality, or things that exist, whether real science has an influence. Has any concept developed for stories or films been used in real life or inspired real world technology or invention. How books have been adapted into films based on illustrators concepts, and how they came up with those visuals based on the books. A claim I’d make is how Science Fiction and Concept Art go hand and hand. How i believe you can’t have one without the other. People who develop stories and books I’m sure had sketches and doodles of the things in these worlds they created.

The first idea is the one I believe I’ll be going with because in some areas it also includes ideas from the second. In terms of conceiving and creating ideas based on books and film etc.  The focus of the project will be (How science fiction and fashion have influenced each other) How the technology in science fiction books and films has been integrated in the real world regarding clothing, and technology that’s being developed for fashion in the future.  Exploring the parallels between the two or comparisons. I’ll give examples and visual examples of how technology has been introduced into clothing or (wearables) like smart watches recently, and other technological advances that are influenced by science fiction. I’ll show examples of trends that are evident today in fashion / streetwear.