As I’ve read through the first five chapters of Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, there have been multiple instances as to how society is being managed by the¬†higher-ups of their Caste system. ¬†As mentioned in the first chapter, the Caste system is made up of the following: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon. ¬†Alpha being the top rank of their hierarchical system, which includes the intelligent and ideal people. ¬†Whereas Epsilon is the lowest of the Caste system, which includes the working people and the least intelligent.

The Director of the centre of a facility,¬†leads¬†a group of students to show them how things operate within the facility. ¬†The students are exposed to various methods of cloning buds such as the¬†Bokanovsky’s Process. ¬†This process allows one fertilized egg to produce from 8 to 96 buds, all¬†that will eventually become identical human beings. ¬†The facility aims that after the buds go through all the processes, they are¬†grown to like their position within the Caste system.

The way how the facility manages the social condition within their society, was exposed when¬†the director showed his students a method called the, “Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning.” This is when nurses take a group of babies, and expose them to books and flowers. ¬†Then they add a series of violent explosions, alarm bells, shrieking sirens, and to top it all off, an electric shock. ¬†The D.H.C explains to the students, that this method will cause the babies to develop a hate for books and nature.

Mustapha Mond, is one of the ten world controllers. ¬†He seems to have an understanding of the New world (A.F), and the old world (B.F.). ¬†Mond mentioned a world that was filled with social chaos and that people were killing each other during the Nine Years’ War. ¬†So there was a need for world control because there was so much destruction. ¬†Mustapha also introduced us with the drug called soma, which is some form of hallucinogenic that will end the worries in the world and provide “stablility” to the society. ¬†I suppose stability is necessary for a society such as theirs, given that there are some individuals such as Bernard, who seems to dislike being an Alpha and the drug¬†soma.

Later on we are introduced to someone similar to Bernard who seems to dislike being an Alpha as well. ¬†Bernard mentions that he feels like an outsider because his height is below the standards of a regular Alpha. ¬†Due to this reason he is unable to fit in with others of his rank, and other Alphas seem to treat him differently. ¬†The other person is named Helmholtz Watson, which appears to be the exact opposite of Bernard due to his more than adequate height and his ability to get women. ¬†Helmholtz feels like an outsider because he claims he has “too much ability.” ¬†As a result Bernard and Helmholtz realized that they shared a similar feeling such as being isolated from their society.

Apparently within this society, it is common for people to engage in sexual activities while under the influence of soma. ¬†When Lenina and Henry were at their date, soma was served to them¬†during the evening. ¬†The soma played a role as to manipulate people’s feelings towards each other, meaning that they were not true. ¬†Bernard on the other hand, decides not to take the soma and ends up being more isolated from society than ever before.

Overall, the first five chapters of the novel were very interesting considering how society is divided through a Caste system and people are manipulated through processes of human growth, yet there are others who are not satisfied with their lives. ¬†A case in point would be Bernard who seems to rebel in an unconventional way from the norms of his society and doesn’t seem to like soma at all. ¬†Social stability seems to be the key factor within this New World, without it they will return to destruction.