City Tech, Fall 2016

Key Terms of Science Fiction

The archive project proposal I want to research on is the key terms that are within Science Fiction and why they are really important to know.

The reason why I want to research this topic is because whenever we read a book or watch a movie that involves Science Fiction, we always discover upon certain important vocabulary words that are significant to Science Fiction. Authors/Directors create these terms for us readers to get to know more on what they mean and what their connections are to other Science Fiction texts. Others would be interested in this topic because knowing what these key terms are means that you’re also describing on why those terms existed in the text.

For example, back at class when we discuss on the text “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?,” we had talked about the two major terms which were empathy and mercerism. When we had discovered those terms in the beginning of the book, we described on what they mean, and as we continue along to the end of the book, we then talked about on why they use these terms as important as they are. Another example that involves with the text that we read was Brave New World. In that text, the important key term we mostly talked about was the word savage. We asked the questions on how we, the readers, have to define someone as the savage. But if there was one really important key term from all parts of Science Fiction, it would have to be from Star Wars. The most important term they use in the Star Wars series was the word force. Whenever you see the part when a Jedi Knight says to the other one “May the force be with you,” it actually means that let the power of god be on your side. So the word “force” means the power of god.

So as you can see, when stumble upon a key term in Science Fiction, in the words of Optimus Prime from Transformers, “There’s more than meets the eye!” In other words, one word can mean something in a huge way!

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  1. Jill Belli

    Duron, I like that you are considering how different texts evoke different key words, and how the science fiction genre as a whole has some collectively shared keywords across various texts. I know we had a chance to briefly discuss this during peer review in class today, and one thing to consider, though, is how this project will move beyond summary of keywords that have already been presented in research. How will you find these keywords? Will you read additional texts? Or will you research the genre and find common terms/ideas that occur in individual texts or recur across texts? If so, how will you do more than just re-present these ideas (that others have written) back to us?

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