In the Movie Blade Runner Rick Deckard is forced to continue his old job as “Replicant Hunter”. His assignment to eliminate four escaped Replicants from the colonies who have returned to Earth. A very difficult task Deckard is presented with because these new models “Nexus-6” prove to have high intelligence and unique fighting capabilities. Our first experience with a Nexus-6 is the opening minutes of the movie at the 4:55 minute mark. Leon a Nexus-6 is being interviewed by Holden another “Replicant Hunter”, giving him the Voight-Kampff test to see if he has what humans have the only thing that separates them from the “replicants” empathy. Leon who doesn’t have the intelligence level of his counterparts resorts to violence when he figures out his cover is already blown by killing Holden and escaping with his life. Rick Deckard is then called in to hunt these New types, because he is the best “Blade Runner” around no one is better then him, and he is the only one capable of hunting down and dealing with these new type of Replicants (11:37).  The second run in with these new Nexus-6 types will be at the Tyrell office when Rick gives the test to the Rachel and it took over 100 questions for Rick to conclude she is a replicant, and not the usual 20-30 (21:30). This shows how adaptive the new types are, they are almost undetectable if one would quit the test after the usual 20-30 questions they would continue to pass undetected. Its the tyrell Dream to make them as human as possible “more human than human” (21:40). He built the nexus-6 to be as perfect as possible, he installed a fail-safe of a lifespan of 4 years to combat the fact that they are better then humans, and are  as intelligence as their creators. It was concluded after 4 years they would start generating the only thing that separates them from Humanity, emotions and empathy. It was hinted that these 6 escaped Nexus-6 models were starting to generate empathy, at the 25:03 mark Rick finds pictures Leon took in his apartment of their life, leading up to their arrival on Earth. Roy Batty another Nexus-6 refereed to those pictures as “precious” to Leon. Using these pictures Rick was able to find another Nexus Model Zhora, when he confronts her she was able to easily see through his ruse and nearly kill Deckard but couldn’t only because she didn’t have enough time and ran to escape. After Dealing with Zhora, Deckard is confronted by Leon who; in is anger at the death of his friend by Deckards hands wishes to kill him. Leon’s strength took Deckard by surprise and he would of been easily killed if not for Rachel who ended up saving his life (1:02:01). It shows that these Replicants are better than humans physically, and intelligently when Roy is introduced into the story. Roy was able to easily beat his creator in a game of chess someone J.F. Sebastian said was one of the most brilliant men alive. Using chess and Sebastian he was able to meet his creator and Plead for a longer life, through this back and forth between Eldon Tyrell  and Roy it shows his high intelligence. Eldon Tyrell notices what Roy is going through and offers him solace in enjoying what he has done and appreciate what he accomplished to this point at the end of his lifespan. “The prodigal son…..quite a prize” (1:21:19). It was towards the end of the movie when Roy loses the last Nexus-6 Pris the one he had emotional attachment to, you see his pain when he loses her  (1:37:10). When their life cycle comes close to the end they gain the only thing that separates them from Humanity, empathy. In Roys last moments he performs an act suggesting perhaps that he has gained the empathy that is the thin dividing line between the Humans and the Replicants: he grabs his adversary and helps him up but before saving him he tells him something important. “Quite the experience to live in fear isn’t it, that’s what it is to be a slave” (1:45:18). Roy wanted to show Deckard what they were going through being hunted, then he saved him because he seen that Deckard didn’t want to die, and he also didn’t want to die. In that Moment he understood, and finally shared with Deckard what he seen in his short life, leaving him with a new understanding of the Replicants.