Many of the science fiction literature, films and movies depict artificial intelligence that resembles a female figure. But, why do the majority of robotic creations resemble the females figure? Where does this idea come from? Over the past decades, these women-appearing robots have gained popularity in the sci-fi genre as it has been shown through old films such as Metropolis, in which its robotic creation depicts a sensual female form, to earliest films such as Ex-Machina, in which the robotic entity portrays to a young, beautiful, and vulnerable woman. But these female robots not only form part of the science fiction genre, they also have become reality as many of today’s robots possess female attributes and a resemblance to the woman body. But the idea of developing female-like humanoids comes from the science fiction term genre known as gynoid. A gynoid also known as fembot is a concept that appears in the science fiction genre to refer to a humanoid robot that possess female attributes. The term has gained popularity in the science fiction genre over the past years since many of the robots that are shown in films and movies depict beautiful and sexy female features. In the actuality, the term gynoid has brought to reality as many of the robotic designs that have been developed, clearly portrays a female appearance rather than just simply robotic machine. The concept of gynoids has sparked new areas of debate and controversy in today’s society as a surprisingly amount of the robotic artificial brains depict female bodies and personalities. While some people argue these robotic gynoids can be used for caretaking, teaching, and as an incentive to get women interesting in robotic careers, the clear majority oppose this argument by stating that the development of these female robots bring problems that significantly affect the female gender. Although this essay shows the positive points female robots can create to society, by analyzing how gynoids appear in the science fiction genre and how they have translated into reality, the essay’s main focus is to explore how these robotic gynoids contribute with the objectification of women, creating these false stereotypes that affects the female group.


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